Monday Muse: Hope springs Eternal for the New Year’s New Normal!

For the month of January, Hope is the theme for The Growing Group. Expectations are always high at the beginning of the year as we start our new journey. And with so many unexpected bumps in the road in the past two years, we need to believe and to keep the faith and to have hope for the future.

Faith & Hope from John Calvin

As a Presbyterian, born and raised, the importance of the doctrine of John Calvin is seen in the influence over the Presbyterian founder, John Knox. Calvin believed in predestination, and the passage he writes about deals with both Faith and Hope in the future.

…Faith believes God to be our Father: Hope expects that he will always act as such toward us. Faith believes eternal life to be given to us: Hope expects that it shall at some time be revealed. Faith is the foundation on which Hope rests: Hope nourishes and maintains faith.”

So for the rest of the year, we can allow hope to guide us.  And through a foundation of faith and love, it will be one of our strengths to see us through. Hope is the strength that has helped so many of us to work to heal from a deadly pandemic and from a global struggle to try and return to ‘normal.’

The new normal can be a better place for all of us. Let’s strive to have hope in the new normal that is out there waiting for us each day.

Mantra: This week, and through the year, I will strive to maintain a sense of calm and purpose in all the things I do. I will work to keep the faith and have hope. By showing strength, and having a foundation of both faith in myself and love for others, I will bring a spirit of hope and promise to all my goals in the

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