Monday Muse: Letting Go

Letting Go
Letting Go

Letting Go

We all have heard that glib and pat phrase when someone hurts us: “Just let it go!” And you of course, say or feel-“That’s easy for YOU to say!”…Because when you are hurt or wounded by life and feel down, it’s not easy to dismiss feelings of anger or bitterness or depression. It’s particularly hard when we think of the unjust things that have been done to us in the past. The phrase, “I could write a book!” comes to mind. If we let our hurt feelings and anger just take over, we can keep going and nurse those bruised feelings forever. But we know that, for our own good, we need to move on at some point. And after we have chosen to release and to let go, to think of other things, other people, we may often find there was a reason behind some of the things that happened to us,  and we can choose to forgive.  When we know we are living in God’s world, in a kingdom of a higher power where no man is infallible or without sin and pride, then we can also begin to surrender the outcome that may occur. Our highest expectation and what is later seen as our “highest good’ in our own lives may not always intersect! We may begin to worry less when we realize that we are not the final arbiters of our own destination. When we hear the existential saying that “Nothing is written” we can respond that yes, nothing is written that we can understand or comprehend in our lives. But everything is written to a script that we cannot see or read, but we can trust our highest good and positive outcome when we learn to let go of those things in our lives that we cannot always control.


During the spring, we take heart in the fact that blossoms begin to appear. And so it is that we talk of ‘green shoots’ appearing at the end of a long period of economic downturn or even after the pandemic is ending. And if someone has begun to mature and to look and act in a new and positive manner, we say they have ‘blossomed.’ We need to learn to recharge and to blossom each day. In times of prayer or meditation, we connect spiritually with a higher power that can lead us away from dark thoughts and bad experiences.  If we learn to rejuvenate and to blossom in our love for others and for ourselves, we can put down roots that will spring up ‘green shoots’ everywhere in our lives. There is a promise of a better tomorrow when we learn to blossom in our spirit today.


For those of us who have had to let go, and for those of us who have learned to blossom and evolve, we know that the world is a changing universe. As a child of God, and as we live in an ever-changing world where we seek and trust in our highest good, we also know that we are going to experience a spiritual evolution in our lives. Through understanding, wisdom, time, love, faith and strength we will evolve and grow as spiritual beings. This is at times a gradual experience. Although some may have experienced an evolution of faith “on the road to Damascus.’ During this season of Lent, we can understand the need to celebrate our own spiritual evolution and recognize the lifelong journey we take.

Mantra: This week I will practice the idea of letting go of things in my life that I cannot control and have caused me pain. From there, I will think about the ways I can blossom as a human and a spiritual being, through my own creative thoughts and in my life, perhaps helping others as I go. Finally, I will recognize the journey I’ve taken myself, and that of others who have evolved in a positive way in their lives and their habits. And I will concentrate on the joy of the positive energy I can create when I continue to blossom and evolve in my life!


It is like a mustard seed that someone took & sowed in the garden; it grew & became a tree-Luke 13: 19


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