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Monday Muse: Making a Habit of Practicing Mind/ Body Wellness

What is Mind/Body Wellness? It is defined as ways that will help to integrate your mental well-being and spiritual practices, mindfulness, with a physical practice such as yoga, meditation, or other ways to integrate a healthier lifestyle with a calm and centered mental outlook.

The usual Suspects

The ways are known to many of us. Eating healthier, practicing meditation, getting enough rest, and all the usual suspects. But if you are like me, the moment your life is upended, there is a natural tendency to allow all of this to go out the window!

Why? Because if there is someone who is in distress or trouble, or is gravely ill, we focus on so much that our own needs begin to fade into the background. It’s true for parents, and caregivers, and those with loved ones in the hospital or in need of daily care and therapy.

It is even more important for those of us who care for others to begin to practice habits that can become daily routines for our lifetime. And when we do see things go south, we can fall back on those as natural habits to enhance our own usefulness as caregivers and vital cogs needed for successful outcomes.

Growing Group Mantras

The Mantras that we use each week for The Growing Group is one area to focus on. And though they are not true ‘mantras’ in the sense that short thoughts are best to keep the mind focused, these are words that we can use (as I do) to put on the bathroom window, or at our desk or refrigerator or nightstand. When we glance at the focused and targeted mind exercise each day, we can begin to unwind and to incorporate self-care into our daily routines.

Keeping the essential oils on hand, or even hand cream or a small roll-on of perfume may be enough to breathe deeply and to enter a calm state of meditation and prayer.

Making a habit of practicing Mind/Body Wellness

Here are a few tricks that may help when you want to begin a daily habit:

  • Keep a pretty bottle of water in the fridge or on your desk to use for yourself
  • Straighten your spine and count to 10 or 20 to focus on posture and breathing each hour
  • Take a break daily to walk the dog and also to think and unwind
  • Take a fun break…to text a friend, watch something funny, read a good book or simply to close your eyes and unwind…all for your habit to decompress daily. Life must hold something for us to look forward to each day-and we are the controllers in chief of our own destiny!

The mind/body connection is not just recommended. It is a necessary part of our lives that we need to focus on, particularly as we grow older. The Growing Group is not simply about aging. It’s about growing in mind and spirit as we grow older!

The connections we make…

The connections that I have often spoken of in the 6 Degrees Writer website are those things that connect us to each other, to ourselves, and to a spiritual place or a creative realm that is found within us. Those are the things that we seek. And those are the things that make our lives worth living!

The mind/body wellness is the focus for the month on the website. But going forward, the connections we find with our spiritual mind and our physical bodies is proving more important than ever. Many prominent scientists will admit this, and we don’t need a study to show that it works.

There is no special secret to achieving the right balance of mind and body wellness. Each person will know what works best for him or her. But the pull of the instant technology in our society, the stress of the Great Pandemic, and just the wear and tear of everyday life proves there’s a great need for this balance in all our lives.

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