Monday Muse: On the calm before the storm in our journeys

The Calm before the storm


We have often heard the phrase, “The calm before the storm,’ when we know there is some incident that will occur to disrupt and upset the calm that is felt in our lives. We can connect the feeling with an undercurrent of unease. In our lives, there needs to be deep roots where we may travel, in our own minds and in our center of consciousness, and then find a calm that will last.

In the Daily Word, the suggestion is to ‘enter the sanctuary of my heart.’ When we seek the inner peace we have often alluded to in our musings, we can understand that there is a centered place in our hearts and souls that will become a sanctuary of calmness in any gathering storm in our lives.



We often speak of the journeys we take in our lives. There is a wonderful quote from the late David Bowie that speaks to that. “The truth of course, is that there is no journey…We are arriving and departing all at the same time.” I believe our journey continues throughout our life, and that the core of what Bowie is telling us is the celebration of life we need to be aware of. The mindfulness and appreciation of the sights and sounds that we find each day become valuable when we realize the fleeting nature of time. And after the year of Pandemic, it also helps us to appreciate the journey we are on.

When we travel to new places, or simply get busy with work and exciting new goals, we often lose sight of the world around us. That is the journey that we can appreciate when we focus our core being on the calm that is found within us.

Those of us who love writing and film can appreciate the stories that tell of exciting journeys. One of my favorite films is still the original “The Wizard of Oz.” The tale centers on a fantastic journey to another realm, and yet the core of the story is about a young girl who wants nothing more than to return to her simple life in a farmhouse in Kansas. That speaks to the journey we are all on. We seek nothing more than love and happiness in its truest form.


In our life, we are always looking for breakthroughs. New developments are some of the most exciting and even blessed of occasions. Witness the breakthrough we have all experienced with the miracle of a vaccine that has helped millions upon millions to prevent the dreaded disease of COVID-19!

We all know of scientific breakthroughs, and the technological breakthroughs in our lifetimes. But in everyone life, there is a breakthrough of sorts when we discover something new about ourselves and about those we love. We often call them “AHA!” moments in our life. The breakthroughs that allow us to succeed and to learn and to find new ways to make our lives easier.

These are all blessed events and exciting discoveries that we learn to look for and to pray they will help us in our journey. That is the reason the Growing Group is so called…Breakthroughs that allow us to grow in our spiritual journey can mean that we have the will and the strength to move mountains.

The reason for the journey is a wonderful and transforming part of life that gives us hope and strength, courage and conviction each day. When we focus and find the inward calm, realize the journey of discovery allows us to meet new people and to seek out wonderful places and things. We can then allow that our entire life makes up a miraculous journey of discovery. The breakthroughs in our lives leave us with wonder and awe in our hearts and minds. And we realize the new challenges that we face each day allow us to arrive and depart at the threshold of a breakthrough in our spiritual journey of life.

The Lord has made my Journey Successful- Genesis 24: 56


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