Monday Muse: The Best is Yet to Come!

Blessings in Disguise

Last week we spoke of Blessings in Disguise. I have kept the Mantra by me all week long. The idea of a blessing in disguise has been close to my heart all week. Since I’ve had some sort of “mystery illness” that has stumped the doctors, I’ve found out that there is an autoimmune disorder that I’ve probably inherited. A trusted wellness counselor told me I’ve been lucky all these years to have been able to avoid lots of other problems by following a gluten-free diet. I may have to follow the stricter celiac diet, but I was able to ‘coast’ as she said, for years!

I take that as a good sign and a blessing in disguise. And finding out that if you want to feel well, just follow the signs and there is a path forward to manage your life, even in illness. That is something that I have learned about as we have gone through the Growing Group process.

If you take one step at a time and actually stop at the crossroads to look and listen, you may actually learn something!

This week, Charles Spurgeon is the one who tells the story. There was a poor minister in need of funds. So the kind benefactor began to dispense an envelope with weekly amounts of about five pounds and a letter saying, “More to come.”

The blessings abounds as we realize that part of the miracle of believing that we can be blessed, or that we deserve a blessing, is because of God allowing us to hope. Hope is the key to the message: “More to come.”

If we are looking at this in the correct way for our spiritual life, we can realize that each day can begin with thoughts of blessings we have received as well as the ones we bestow on others. And the one thing that can set us apart is our belief in the future and of hope of better things to come. The old song says it all: “The best is yet to come!” When we believe in the blessings of our life, the best is yet to come.

Mantra: This week I will focus on the blessings that I have received. Some of the best were unexpected ones. I will concentrate on times that I have been able to bestow blessings on others, and the joy that it brings when we can fulfill a need. And finally, I will think of the saying, “The best is yet to come,” in terms of my own life. The things I would like to do for others, as well as the blessings I would like to receive. And I will concentrate on ways to make these blessings become part of my plan as I live a hopeful life that acknowledges blessings each day.

Join us each week!
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