Monday Muse: What is the True Meaning of Prosperity?

      Prosperity in your life


Charles Fillmore, the Unity Church co-founder, said of the word Understanding, “There are two ways of getting Understanding. One is following the guidance of Spirit that dwells within, and the other is to go blindly ahead and learn by hard experience.”

We know which one most of us have used in the past! I believe understanding is something many of us have gained after trial and error or by past mistakes that we come to regret. But for the times when we have listened to the wise guidance of others, and have followed our hearts and sought spiritual insight through prayer, we have been able to proceed with some understanding that is based on more than just hunches and intuition.

With true understanding, we can learn to say no to the negative voices, gain control of our own inner voice and listen to the voice of God guiding us in our own lives. That is the time we can hear the words of Jesus who told us “I am the way, the truth and the light.” That is the voice to follow and the way to understanding and insight we can use.


We often hear of the “Prosperity Gospel” where online gurus and spiritual leaders preach a gospel of wealth and riches to come for those who are true believers…Prosperity does seem to be ubiquitous in our society. And it can have many meanings. The Prosperity we seek in our lives usually involves not simply a wish for more ‘things’ but for health and for good fortune and for abundance of love and of laughter with a cup that overflows. And as Proverbs tells us: Happy are those who trust in the Lord. Our happiness and prosperity stems from a belief in the bounty of the Lord. Our faith and our own incentive to work hard and to succeed in all things with attitude will also guide use and show us the way to prosperity.

True Prosperity in our lives is something we can strive to attain each day. By giving thanks for all that we do have, and for our own faithfulness and service to others, true prosperity is laid forth in our lives. When we do shift awareness of the meaning of prosperity, our gratitude and our bounty for what we are grateful for in our lives can also bring us prosperity in a different form.

Remember the chant from the old Star Trek series: Live long and Prosper? For those of us ‘earthlings’ who live in God’s world, the mantra should be to live well and to prosper in spirit as well as in everyday life…

When we trust in the Lord, our prosperity falls into place as we open our mind to new ideas, we open our hearts to service and to understanding. We then flourish in prosperity when we offer a kind heart, a helping hand and we open ourselves up to service in the Lord. Prosperity will follow us as we lead in God’s grace and love, in service and in a fuller understanding of His Love.

Those who are attentive to a matter will prosper, and happy are those who trust in the Lord- Proverbs 16:20


Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Jesus set the example for all people of faith by providing service to others wherever he went. He even washed the feet of his disciples, telling them, “For I have set you an example, do as I have done to you.

Service is part of our civic duty. Service is also a spiritual and a cathartic gift to all of us. It is one of the examples that Jesus gave us to model the life of someone who lives with faith and compassion. It is for those who follow a path in the service of the Lord. All religions exhort service to others as a guide for a pathway to finding one’s true self. Service is not in the end a duty but a spiritual pathway. Whenever I have been low in spirit, the act of working to help others has shown me a way forward in my own life.

Think over what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in all things- 2 Timothy 2:7

Mantra: This week I will pray for a greater understanding and will seek guidance in the quiet times. I will also strive for understanding of what True Prosperity means to me in my own life-apart from material things. And I will also strive to better understand the service I can give to others, and what God may be calling me to do in my own life.

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