My Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Every author at some time or another needs to have a vision in mind. The raison d etre, the reason I write, why I do it….Here goes:

My Vision Statement

Hemingway said it best. “Write drunk, edit sober.”
Protected by the enormity of my stupidity, I shall lift up mine eyes unto the hills & ask myself, “What Good Things am I going to do today?”
Life’s but a Walking Shadow, it is a tale told by an idiot…And I’m just the Guy to do it! Reminder: Keep Ass in Chair. Why does the world Need my book? Three Reasons-Unfortunately, no one knows what they are…
In the Long Run, we are all Dead, so remember the Chi Omega Symphony & Live Accordingly.

M.L. Johnson
Writer, Author of My Grandmother’s Shakespeare & 6 Degrees of Film

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