Notes from a Low-Tech Girl Part 1

One of my biggest problems, and frankly frustrations, has been my lack of tech ability and the need to constantly adapt to an ever changing world where information moves at the rate of light speed and we, as writers and marketers, must learn to keep pace with the changing times. One solution I’ve found was to take a Marketing Class online. I’ve taken several, and have amassed piles of notes on the subject.

Being a writer, I’ve decided to keep a diary to help me make sense of it all. Here’s some excerpts from my diary. They are my Notes from a Low-Tech Girl:

·         Link Building= Ass-Kissing

·         Metadata= Data about data. So it’s BS, right?

·         Back Links=what the hell?

·         Platform & Branding- Big words for Measuring Success

·         Google Analytics-are for Dummies

·         Keywords-just made up mumbo-jumbo

·         SEO=Search Engine Optimization….ok

·         SEO is for the Birds

·         Hyperlinks-are some kind of links-who cares what they are called?

·         Content Curation-is cheating for writers that’s permissible as long as you change the title

·         Google Penalties-what?

·         Marketing-is the buzz word for some made up  jobs

·         I have a headache is my new tech password
*Stay tuned for Part II!


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