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The Growing Group

From the time that I was first introduced to the concept of a Self Esteem workshop, and through the Self Esteem Journal that I wrote. and then , with subsequent research for the courses that are available here, I’ve realized how much the idea of promoting self esteem, working to help build confidence in others and self-esteem programs have been a major part of my life.

The different phrases you hear in the media and in advertising- about confidence building, body imaging, self-care, and finding your inner strength are all different ways to come back to the core issue-we need to have healthy self esteem and to learn to accept ourselves.  And we need to build our own confidence in order to become better listeners, better co-workers, better parents, and to help others.

The importance of promoting self-esteem is something that has led me to begin to form and create The Growing Group, a program that will hopefully help others to grow. Because, as we realize in our lives, no matter what age we are, we need to keep learning and growing and moving forward to realize fulfillment and to find lasting happiness and contentment.

I’m offering this toast: Here’s hoping that we will connect and learn and grow together- The 6 Degrees Writer-ML Johnson

The Self-Esteem Quiz!

The self-esteem quiz is a fun and easy way to learn more about the ways that you interact with others…and ways for you to grow!

6 Days/ 6 Ways

Sign up and we will start you on your journey of discovery! One short week may change your life-start today!

Monday Mojo

Our”Monday Mojo” members find motivation in their inbox each week; along with fun &  easy exercises to help guide them through the day. We begin with a Mantra for the week,  plus three words of wisdom to carry you through each day.

Self Esteem Quiz

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