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This summer film season, we are featuring fourteen movies that are opening in the summer of ’24. Starting in June, the films are just one piece of the recommended viewing for those of us who love movies. Not only does Turner Classic feature an array of different genres and even some modern feature films to choose from, but the streaming platform also gives movie buffs a chance to decide how to watch a film at any given time.

Of course, there are good and bad features for this chapter in the history of the movies. There is always something to be said for a chance to sit in a darkened movie theater and experience a new feature film with the sound and the feeling and the accompaniments-even the popcorn buckets!-that go with the ‘movie-going experience.’ But those days are changing rapidly so we know we have to adapt and learn to look at the good and the bad that comes with the streaming platforms and small-screen debuts of major motion pictures!

Here is a look at some of the films that are showing in theatres this summer. And after that, a short overview of the Turner Classic films, as well as a look at some films showing this summer in our local arthouse network at Tampa Theatre. Enjoy your summer, film fans and see you @ the movies!

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The Summer Movie Lineup for the Summer of ’24!

Here’s the list of 14 films we’ve picked out that are debuting this summer


Hit Man is out June 7th

This is an action adventure flick starring Glenn Powell. We have reviews featured this week in 6 Degrees @the Movies. This film was relatively well-received by critics.

June 7
The Watchers

Horror movie from M Night Shymalan’s daughter. This film is also reviewed in 6 Degrees @the Movies this week… And this movie has also received some decent reviews for lovers of the horror genre, and particularly lovers of films by M Night Shymalan!

June 14 
Pixar’s Inside Out 2

Some new ‘emotions’ on display in this follow-up to Pixar’s hit film.


with Julia Louis Dreyfuss

Dramedy about mother-played by Julia Louis Dreyfuss– of terminally ill young woman who comes to terms with everything with some help from an unlikely source-a ‘shape-shifting parrot!”

June 21
The Bikeriders

Tom Hardy stars as the leader of a Chicago Bike gang in late 1960’s; loosely based on real-life story of a Chicago bike gang…

June 28

This film features Sean Penn and Dakota Johnson as two people in a cab who find serious connections on the way home from JFK Airport

Horizon Chapter 1

This Kevin Costner directed Western is sub-titled “An American Saga’ with a variety of stories in the Old West from different viewpoints and perspectives.

A Quiet Place: Day One

The prequel to the hit film A Quiet Place.


Coming in JULY to the Movies


July 3rd

Beverly Hills Cop

Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley Joseph Gordon Levitt and Kevin Bacon are along for the ride

July 12

Fly me to the Moon

Rom-com set in late 60’s at NASA with Scarlett Johansson as PR person and Channing Tatum as reluctant astronaut for the PR ride…

Deadpool & Wolverine


July 26

Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine for this superhero/anti-hero outing with Ryan Reynolds.


The AUGUST Line-up


August 14


A hit at Sundance Film Festival in 2024, this is a documentary of a father-daughter dance held annually at a Washington DC Prison….

August 16

Alien Romulus

A return to the Aliens franchise….


August 23

The Supremes at Earl’s All you can Eat

Adapted from a novel about the lives of three young women over the years


The Arthouse films Summer Film Series


What’s coming to the Arthouse: Tampa Theatre

At Tampa Theatre this year, there is an array of films ranging from Westerns to fantasy to classics from the Golden Age. I would personally recommend seeing the following films if you have never seen them at the movie theater:


Butch Cassidy

The Godfather Part II

The Wizard of Oz

I also saw Apollo 13 at the movies, and this is a great film so it’s worth seeing if you have never experienced it in the theater. Chinatown is a complicated film that actually might also be worth seeing on the ‘small-screen’ streaming for the first time. This is simply because the visuals, though impressive enough, really pale in comparison with the depth of the overall plot and performance from Nicholson.

Notorious is a beautiful black and white masterpiece from Hitchcock. All Hitchcock films are worth seeing at the movie theater. This is one that stands out for me in the Pantheon of great Hitchcock classics. And the actors are so beautiful together, and the dialogue is riveting enough that this film can hold your attention both in the theater and on any small screen viewing platform. It’s worth seeing twice!

On Turner Classic Movies in June

Talking about the Classics….

  • American in Paris
  • Wings of Desire
  • On Dangerous Ground/ Laura: Film Noir
  • Many Rivers to Cross
  • Spirit of St Louis
  • Lincoln
  • The Longest Day
  • To Have & Have Not/ Casablanca….

This month on Turner Classic, there are some notable film noirs. It’s no secret that I have a great love for the entire Film Noir genre, and “Laura’ is probably my favorite of the entire group. I also love “On Dangerous Ground’ as I’m particularly fond of Robert Ryan, who stars with Ida Lupino in this stand-out Noir classic.

In our “Pioneers of Film’ series, the women who are strong and paved the way for others includes Lauren Bacall, who stars with Bogey in “To Have & Have Not,’ this month, and one of my personal favorites: “Many Rivers to Cross’ with the wonderful Eleanor Parker.

There are some wonderful historical films this month on Turner Classic. You can see them all month in streaming if you miss their original show date. “Lincoln’ from Steven Spielberg, is one…The Longest Day is one I watch every year for the parts I love and are depicted faithfully in this re-telling of the landing at Normandy. And “Spirit of St Louis,’ with Jimmy Stewart, details Charles Lindbergh’s famous transatlantic flight that made him a global celebrity!

Lots to choose from in terms of how you see your films these days. The streaming platform gives you a lot of opportunities to catch up on films you might have missed or have heard about and always wanted to see! Over the next few months, we will recommend more of the classics, (along with the Bad-B’s that always seem to be funnier during the summer vacation season!) Until next time, have a great summer and see you at the movies!


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