The 30 Day Challenge from the 6 Degrees Writer

  We hear about all kinds of Challenges these days… The Novel writing challenge,  the Diet challenges; the challenge to sign up for something or other.. One of my favorites was the Julie & Julia blog challenge this writer set up for herself, She was working her way through the Julia Child Cookbook for a year! Cooking and blogging about the process as she did it. The 30 Day Challenge So my challenge is just for me. For one month, in order to launch my website,  which was set up some months back and has been in the process of being launched through the summer, I’m gong to write and post daily for the month of October. The purpose is to be able to work on the different blog posts that I’ve set up and written for in the past decade or more, I’m going to set this challenge to see if this is something that can be productive for me and informative for everyone else. My own idea of a challenge is usually just to make it through a few hours or one day at the most. A weekend challenge is something that is a big deal. I haven’t been on one of those diet challenges in many years. So…this is a real challenge. And in order to make it informative, I’m going to have to work on asking other people what their challenges are. A Paradigm Shift And to find out, in the time of COVID, what other concerns are on everyone’s mind. There is still so much uncertainty surrounding us, about economic downturns, the election season uncertainty,  health concerns, and all of these things are tied up with the Pandemic that hangs over us. There’s been a paradigm shift, with so many working from home, and keeping their kids in. People I know are staying in and not seeing their friends. And for me, it also means not going to the movies! I have blogged about film, and have been working on writing about film, and watching films and anticipating new releases…..and suddenly-there is another huge earthquake that has set everything on its head in Hollywood and La La Land.  And so it goes. Well this is Day One of the Challenge. So far so good and so we are going to see how we can make it through each day…Till tomorrow-Stay well friends-ML

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