6 Degrees Vignettes for February

Hoarding the Good Stuff in life The problem is always in defining what ‘the good stuff’ really is.  And if you work without a team of people, (as is the case for writers), you will never hear the roar of a crowd to symbolize victory unless or until you put your best work out there. We have talked in the past about the need to bring your “A” game with you every day. The weekly Mantra was about looking at wealth from a different angle. Instead of just focusing on how much money and stuff we can accumulate, we instead need to store up the treasures that we can hoard. Those things that are our core values and our own inner strengths are what we need get us through the long winter nights. If we use creative imagination to enhance our spiritual life, and step it up by bringing our “A” game each time, we will be ready. And when we are faced with a situation or problem we can’t immediately solve, it will serve us going forward. That’s the plan! Mantra: I will think about the different ways that wealth can be defined in my life. By having a rich spiritual life, it will enhance my own wealth & value as a person. I’ll think of what my core values are, and how what I believe is a type of treasure I can carry with me each day. And finally, by enhancing my spiritual life with creative imagination & an expanded vision, it will help me grow & move forward each day.  Using your Mantra… Your Mantra is to use Creative Imagination as a tool for your Spiritual life. Think back on what or who has inspired you the most in your life? The people you most admire who had to face either illness or adversity…what did they do? Did they give up? If they did, those are not the tales we long hear about or especially raise up. These are not the ones we tend to laud loudly with applause and approbation. “The ones who gave up too easily.” The Tom Brady Mystique: “Till there was You” There were bells on a hill, but we never heard them ringing No we never heard them at all…till there was you! For those of us living in Tampa Bay, we saw that the Tom Brady Mentality was all about a winning mindset. “ Pound the Rock” was what Jon Gruden told the Bucs in order to get them to believe in themselves as winners. Gruden was able to get his team to the Super Bowl and to win the Golden Ring with that mindset. The winning mindset is what this was about, and we didn’t have it before Brady. The Buccaneers were a muttered under the breath joke of a team, with a losing mentality. It often proved to be pointless to root for the Bucs. And Brady turned it around and let them know and feel what winning was and could be about. That is the same type of winning mentality that we hear about but don’t see and feel often enough in our politics or even in our everyday lives. That is something you can feel as part of a winning team, but not when you are performing as an individual.   The Writers Fate… This month, during the Olympics, we were talking a lot about the idea of individual achievement and competitiveness that can lead one to dare to become an Olympic champion. The Writers Fate is something of the opposite. You are all alone and the standard of achievement is one that will never be met as it is always something out of your grasp. All of this is just part of the 6 Degrees Writer- and part of all writers- patina. If you are a Real writer, then you know that sometimes you have to just blow through all those artificial deadlines that you have set for yourself. This is something that is always happening in our lives. There are standards one sets for themselves, and then, there’s the blown deadlines and missed opportunities. It’s par for the course when you write. There are deadlines and artificial deadlines and blown deadlines and missed assignments…and then you just put your head under a pillow. It’s done, over, cooked and no more. That’s the way it goes. Some things were not meant to be. Some things were never going to work out and some things just take off with a life of their own. Don’t fight it…   We could go on like this for awhile… So now the time has come to submit something. And it is never done and never good enough. We are where we are; it is what it is. It will be what it will be, etc, etc…So on and so forth (You could go on like this for a while.) At some point, you need to suck it up, put your big girl panties on (Stop with the stupid metaphors) and just plow full speed ahead into…? Total darkness and oblivion?  Because things will never be good enough in some cases to be ready for submission.  The idea of ‘killing your darlings’ is part of the writers lament when we see ourselves trapped in an endless cycle of metaphors spun for what we believe to be ‘gold’ and is sometimes much less And so, in the end, we are at times trapped in a web of our own making. But to avoid that fate, I am going to work on:  1) Cultivating that winning mentality; 2) Using a Creative Imagination to finish what I have begun and to motivate me going forward and by 3) Bringing my “A” game every day in order to appreciate the good stuff in life! Vignettes for March:  *History of Ludwig Von Drake *Lack of Marketing Skills *The Happy Weatherman For March: Join us when we look at some of the greatest ‘know-it-all’s’ through history

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