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Monday Muse: On the calm before the storm in our journeys

Calm We have often heard the phrase, “The calm before the storm,’ when we know there is some incident that will occur to disrupt and upset the calm that is felt in our lives. We can connect the feeling with an undercurrent of unease. In our lives, there needs to be deep roots where we may travel, in our own minds and in our center of consciousness, and then find a calm that will last. In the Daily Word, the suggestion is to ‘enter the sanctuary of my heart.’ When we seek the inner peace we have often alluded to in our musings, we can understand that there is a centered place in our hearts and souls that will become a sanctuary of calmness in any gathering storm in our lives.   Journeys We often speak of the journeys we take in our lives. There is a wonderful quote from the late David Bowie that speaks to that. “The truth of course, is that there is no journey…We are arriving and departing all at the same time.” I believe our journey continues throughout our life, and that the core of what Bowie is telling us is the celebration of life we need to be aware of. The mindfulness and appreciation of the sights and sounds that we find each day become valuable when we realize the fleeting nature of time. And after the year of Pandemic, it also helps us to appreciate the journey we are on. When we travel to new places, or simply get busy with work and exciting new goals, we often lose sight of the world around us. That is the journey that we can appreciate when we focus our core being on the calm that is found within us. Those of us who love writing and film can appreciate the stories that tell of exciting journeys. One of my favorite films is still the original “The Wizard of Oz.” The tale centers on a fantastic journey to another realm, and yet the core of the story is about a young girl who wants nothing more than to return to her simple life in a farmhouse in Kansas. That speaks to the journey we are all on. We seek nothing more than love and happiness in its truest form.  Breakthroughs In our life, we are always looking for breakthroughs. New developments are some of the most exciting and even blessed of occasions. Witness the breakthrough we have all experienced with the miracle of a vaccine that has helped millions upon millions to prevent the dreaded disease of COVID-19! We all know of scientific breakthroughs, and the technological breakthroughs in our lifetimes. But in everyone life, there is a breakthrough of sorts when we discover something new about ourselves and about those we love. We often call them “AHA!” moments in our life. The breakthroughs that allow us to succeed and to learn and to find new ways to make our lives easier. These are all blessed events and exciting discoveries that we learn to look for and to pray they will help us in our journey. That is the reason the Growing Group is so called…Breakthroughs that allow us to grow in our spiritual journey can mean that we have the will and the strength to move mountains. The reason for the journey is a wonderful and transforming part of life that gives us hope and strength, courage and conviction each day. When we focus and find the inward calm, realize the journey of discovery allows us to meet new people and to seek out wonderful places and things. We can then allow that our entire life makes up a miraculous journey of discovery. The breakthroughs in our lives leave us with wonder and awe in our hearts and minds. And we realize the new challenges that we face each day allow us to arrive and depart at the threshold of a breakthrough in our spiritual journey of life. The Lord has made my Journey Successful- Genesis 24: 56  

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Your Monday Muse: On Opening the Door to Progress

Opening the Door In the Bible, Revelations has a passage in 3:8 that reads: “Look, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut.” When I see the phrase “Opening the door” I think of many things. Opening the door to your heart and opening the door to possibilities are two things that immediately pop into my head. And they are both positive ideals. It’s an upbeat and optimistic way of looking at life when we see the doors that were closed may lead to open windows or other doors of opportunity that we never dreamed were possible! The “Daily Word” reflects that life itself is an open door, and we need to embrace the doors that open to us. The mind is often too full and our hearts need to be open to the notion that things we hope and plan for may be just around the corner! Achievements The things that we achieve in life are often surprises even to us. We don’t simply sit and reflect in our daily lives of the things we did manage to achieve. I remember wanting to have markers for achievement when I was younger, and just out of college. But then some things fall apart, or your plans have to be put on hold, and you find that life gets in the way of your grand plans and ideas. But the notion that you did not achieve the things you set out to do twenty years ago does not signify failure. There are many doors open, and as the poem says, the road not taken is one that leads you in a different direction. You do need to think of all you have been able to achieve in life in spite of the setbacks and disappointments that occur along the road. We realize we are made stronger by the things that have shaped us in life, and one thing that signifies achievement is belief in yourself. Against all odds, remind yourself in the quiet times that achievements come in many shapes and forms. That you can believe in yourself and be stronger is a remarkable kind of achievement.  And you will find more fulfillment when you start to reflect on what it means to achieve inner peace and the strength of character you have shaped in your own life. Progress We often hear that progress is slow. The vaunted wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King is often cited when speaking of the progress and victories in Civil Rights. He reflected that the arc of the moral universe is slow, but it bends towards justice. Dr. King was so right about this. When do we get to declare victory in life? We already know the answer….Never can we declare victory when our life is in progress. Progress is always going to be slow, as we face one challenge after the other. But in the journey, as we grow, we know that progress has been made. It may be small green shoots sprouting in different areas in our life. There is a mantra that we close our eyes and can recite, especially in times of turmoil: “All things work together for good for those who love God” and we can use this as our mantra for progress.  The idea is that we do not get to see the “Big Picture” of how the story of our life turns out.  And for those who love their God, when times are dark and we get down, then there is sure to be a light at the end of the tunnel. If we did but know it, we could see progress being made as the arc is bending. Bible Verse: We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 Mantra: I will open the door to the possibilities that enfold in my life. They may have been closed in my mind before, but they will open now. I can reflect on past achievements that were made and I didn’t acknowledge or accept. And I will work on being optimistic in my outlook for the progress that is made rather than the obstacles that are always there in my life.

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Monday Muse: With Love and Faith: Finding Joy in everyday Life

Love Remember the old Beatles song: “All you Need is Love?” It seems so simple when we are talking about just the concept of love. And yet, we know there are many different kinds of love that exist. The other sixties song that comes to mind is “What the World needs now, is Love, sweet Love.” So what kind of Love are we really in need of? When we know that God is love, then we may begin to feel the truth in defining what it can mean in our lives. For an example, we may have a problem that seems insurmountable in our lives, and we then ask for God’s help and guidance. There is no way so many of the problems, at least the ones that exist in my own life, could be solved without divine guidance.  There is a feeling of warmth and comfort that comes over me when I feel His presence in helping to guide me through a difficult path in life. So perhaps what we might add to the popular song vernacular is the fact that we all need love, and we also need to feel that we are surrounded by God’s Love The Daily Word begins with the keyword Love followed by this statement: “I am a loving presence to everyone I meet.” When we begin to see our problems and our life through the eyes of His own divine love, we can begin to look beyond the pettiness and the conflict that often drives our daily interactions with others. Love can become for us mor than just a vague concept for others. We can begin to look for the Love that is within us and is the embodiment of the heart and soul of who we are and what guides us to love others.  This knowledge of how our love can guide us may trigger that divine spark of love in others.   Faith Faith in the idea of divine love can guide our steps in dealing with those with whom we don’t agree. It gives us a sense of  that same divine spark of God’s love that can help us to get past the disagreeable traits we see often in those people. When we place our faith in God, we are entrusting that no matter what occurs, the possibility for the best outcome is always present.  We recognize that God has put his faith in us as individuals. And we have a sacred bond with His spirit that guides us with love and compassion.  That bond is the same one taught by Christ. The power of being invested in the faith that He has instilled within us and upon us is a power that we will always find in moments of stillness in meditation and prayer. We often talk of needing to have faith in ourselves and what we believe. This faith becomes like a mighty river within us.  It is a powerful stream of love and trust that leads us to realize what we are capable of doing through God’s faith in us.   Joy Speaking of songs, there is the hymn that exults: “Well, I’ve got joy, joy, joy joy down in my heart….” With the little children in our church, we used to repeat: “Where?” The answer: “Down in my heart, down in my heart!”…. The joy that we find when we are together, as families that have been apart, and as loved ones who long to talk and to embrace and hold each other, is one of the best feelings to be had in this human experience. And it’s a spiritual feeling also, when we realize that love and joy are often felt together in an emotional catharsis.  We may have this wonderful feeling if we are lucky enough to find those who can return our love and live with us as helpmates and partners in life. Joy is often felt through our children, and even in those accomplishments that we share with others. Graduation, and marriage and childbirth are manifest experiences that lead to the best expressions of joy for families and loving couples. When we can experience the feeling of joy and love that may be within us, and to express that in our spiritual relationship with God, it is a feeling that we should work to repeat in our hearts often.  And even in our moments of quiet contemplation, we can continue to expand this feeling each day in our lives. Joy is something that cannot be exhibited as a contrived or pretend emotion. It comes from a deep well within us. As we spoke last time of what true inner peace can mean in our lives, let us now simply contemplate what the wellspring of true joy can feel like on a regular basis!   It’s a wonderful goal to set- to bring about this feeling of joy in our lives that will go hand in hand with the inner peace that we are striving for.   Mantra: I will strive to fulfill the belief that I can be a loving presence in the lives of others. And I will contemplate what the power of faith can mean in my life. My faith in myself will expand, along with the faith I have in God’s loving presence in my life. Finally, I will strive to bring that joyful feeling into my life on a regular basis.   Bible Verse: I have said these things to you so that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete-John 15:11

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Monday Muse: The power of Forgiveness & to begin anew!

Power From the Daily Word, there is a very good reminder of the power we wield each day. “The actions I take express the power of God”.…When we are driving a car, or teaching a child, or even interacting with others, we are wielding power. We have the power to help and guide and nurture. Also there is the power to hurt others, and to cause great harm with thoughtless actions and deeds. And so it follows that when we can feel the spiritual nature of our self, and express that side with our own actions, thoughts and deeds, we can be humbled by the awesome power given to us through God. And there is an exciting thought that we can then use that power to become our best self and to do wonderful things. Forgive How do we learn to forgive? In one respect, we learn by forgiving ourselves. And when we think of the past, and things we may have done that touched others, or hurt others, and if we have been forgiven, we can then strive to forgive ourselves and others. If we choose to have an open heart and a forgiving nature, we can learn to accept the past and the mistakes others have made. And we have to remember, (especially in this Growing Group!), that we are on a journey of learning and of growth. We will find that forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves as well as to others. Our Bible passage this week helps us heal: Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. Commence Remember that old saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life?!” If we can use our five senses and also our own inner self to learn and to grow,  then we find it easier to forgive and to commence living in the moment.  We will approach each new challenge, and each new day with an invigorating sense of purpose and joy. It is a good time to reflect, to pause, and to understand where we have been, before we move forward. With God as your guide, and with a new sense that there are many pages left to be written for you in your book of life, you can begin to realize the power you possess. Commence your life from this day forward with purpose and with focus, and you will find each day brings new rewards as it unfolds as God intended. Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy-Matthew 5:7 Mantra: This week I will begin by channeling the power that I know God has given each of us on this Earth,  And from there I will mindfully meditate on ways the power each of us holds can be used for goodness and for the right purpose. I am going to learn to forgive myself, each day this week with a reminder of forgiveness for myself and others. And finally, I am going to concentrate on ways to begin anew! Things that I have put off, and things I want to do, are going to commence in some small steps that will lead to a major change in my attitude for living. Each day is new and I will commence living it to the fullest. Facebook Twitter Youtube

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Monday Mojo: Hope & Destiny align for better things in the New Year!

This week, we are focused on three keywords: Destiny, Forgiveness & Hope. If you’d like to join our Growing Group, sign up here at Monday Mojo to become part of our weekly group. We take the messages of the week and members will receive e-mails that include our exercises for the week, based on the weeks core message. Sign up today! It’s so easy to become a member and start your New Year off with a bang and a free membership to Monday Mojo! Destiny From the work Desiderata, there’s a line that goes: “The universe is unfolding as it should…” The passage from the Bible says: We know that all things work together for good for those who love God–Romans 8:28. Has something ever happened in your life where you feel devastated, only to find that it was the right time and place for that chosen event to occur? And then you found out something better was waiting right around the corner. We may have had small doses of the divine wisdom of God seeping into our lives at some point. I know that it has happened to me. And no matter what does occur, when we look at the “Big Picture” of our life story, we can see that all things happen for a reason. And at the time, something bad may happen that will later inspire or lead us to bigger and better things. It’s part of the Divine Order for those of us who believe. Forgiveness We spoke of Forgiveness earlier this year as akin to carrying a heavy bag of stones around with you each day. The ritual cleansing in Unity churches often includes the New Year’s practice of writing past grievances and then placing them in a burning bowl, where you see the past rising from the ashes of past burdens we carry. We often feel lighter in heart and in spirit when we can let go of past hurts and allow our spirits to heal. It may take time and there is a process to allow the heart and spirit to heal a wound. But if we have open minds and can open our hearts to the healing spirit of God, all things are possible. Hope Hope is the thing with feathers- so goes the poem from Emily Dickinson. When a New Year comes in, it is always with a sense of hope and optimism. Particularly so for all of us in this year where Pandemics and sorrow and uncertainty have reigned over our lives throughout the year. In the Daily Word, Hope is described as “the window through which I glimpse the good that is yet to come in my life.’ We are all hopeful for the fruits of the spirit. And along with that comes our own energy and zest for life that we can add to a new year. Hope for the future is often intertwined with our faith in the present. We have faith in ourselves and our own ability to plan for a future that will be ours in a brighter and better New Year! Come to me all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest- Matthew 11:28

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