6 Degrees of Film: July Round-up at the Movies

Do you love movies as much as I do? If you do, then 6 Degrees of Film would like to invite you to sign up for our monthly film roundup and weekly news bulletins that feature the best articles and reviews from top film sites. When you sign up, you are eligible for notifications of special screenings as well as beautiful graphic images that we send periodically culled from the 6 Degrees of Film pages. We recently re-tooled our Facebook page, which promotes many of the classic films of the Golden Age of Film and links they share with modern films of the 21st Century. Linking up films of the past with films of the 21st Century is part of our mission here at 6 Degrees. We are always looking for connections, and each week we highlight top articles and news of current films to present to you in the online magazine, 6 Degrees of Film @ the Movies.  The Best at Turner Classic in July   This month, TCM has several films that connect with current movies in theaters. Elvis is the new Baz Luhrman rock bio that features Tom Hanks as Col Tom Parker. In the pantheon of Elvis films, ..Viva Las Vegas is one of his best and it is on TCM this month. For those who love strong women, one of the best performances from one of the strongest women performers of all time-Katherine Hepburn-is found in “The Lion in Winter” which is also being shown this month on TCM.   Armchair Film Fest Another 6 Degrees of Film favorite activity is the “Armchair Film Fest!” If you love films and don’t always have time to watch them now, you can record them for a weekend film fest to watch these classics at your leisure! A Rock Musical and a documentaryThe newly-famous Beatles star in and sing some of their early hits in the highly acclaimed black & white film, A Hard Day’s Night.  Bob Dylan is also filmed in black & white in this famous documentary look at his life in the sixties: Don’t Look Back. Steve McQueen Film Fest Steve McQueen has often been characterized as “The King of Cool.” And in these two films, which were both remade (and neither were nearly as good as the original), McQueen is seen in his heyday in Hollywood in The Thomas Crown Affair with Faye Dunaway & The Getaway with Ali McGraw. Stanley Kubrick Film Fest with Dr Strangelove and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Two of Kubrick’s most celebrated films are shown, and both are relevant for different reasons! Sadly, Strangelove can be connected with the current unrest in our political scene.  Who might have thought we would be saying that about a film script that was thought to be so absurd, that Stanley Kubrick said it could only be filmed as a comedy? As for 2001, much has also come true in terms of the many scientific breakthroughs that were foreshadowed in the film.  But 2001: A Space Odyssey had such an enigmatic and controversial ending, no one quite understood it at the time! We recommend this fascinating interview with the late director, Stanley Kubrick,  about the thinking behind the images and meaning of what ended up in the movie. Recommended reading in Friday Flix! The Bad B’s of Summer   Bikini Beach is just one entry in the long list of hilariously bad films that can make it to anyone’s ‘best of the bad B’s list….We are always looking for new entries, so if you have a nominee to add, please contact us or go to the FB page at 6 Degrees and leave us your thoughts! )It’s a very ‘fluid’ category)😊  And compare your list with ours that is always being updated in “The Bad B’s of Summer” Category. From 6 Degrees: Summer Film News The list of films that premiere in July & August : Minions: The Rise of Gru  on July 1 Steve Carell is the voice of 12 year old Gru in this origin story set back in the seventies. Gru joins a gang of criminal masterminds, the Vicious 6. Whey they fire their leader, Gru ‘interviews’ to become the newest member of the team. Thor: Love & Thunder on July 8 This is a superhero film based on Marvel Comic’s Thor. Thor is called out of early retirement to face Gorr the God Butcher, played by Christian Bale. Where the Crawdads Sing on July 15 From the best selling 2018 novel by Delia Owens,  this is about a woman who was abandoned by her family and forced to live alone, fending for herself out in the woods. She becomes a suspect in the murder of a man she had been in love with. Nope on July 22 This is Jordan Peele’s Sci-Fi Horror film return that tells the story of sibling horse trainers who come into contact with a mysterious force lurking on their California ranch. Bullet Train on July 29 Brad Pitt stars in this  thriller based on a 2010 novel “Maria Beetle”  It’s about five assassins who are on a bullet train from Tokyo who find that all of their assignments are inter-connected. In August   Secret Headquarters on August 5 Owen Wilson stars in this film about a hidden lair under a kid’s home that seems to belong to a superhero. After sharing the secret with some friends, the boy starts to think that his estranged father just might have a secret double life! Beast on Aug 19 Idris Elba stars in this thriller about man visiting a game reserve in South Africa with his daughters, where they subsequently become prey to a dangerous lion stalking them! Three Thousand Years of Longing on August 31 George Miller directs and once again, Idris Elba stars in this epic romantic fantasy about a woman who finds a djinn, and is offered three wishes in exchange for his freedom. Children’s Films    Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank on July 15 This animated tale is about a dog named Hank who is trained

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