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Brown Bag: Carbon Capture is more than just an idea…

There is such a thing as “Carbon Capture’ according to the latest news…. Removal means we grab CO2 pollution already out there and sock it away permanently. And according to Environmental Tech Expert Heather Clancy: “…We are at a pivotal point in energy history. With the climate crisis accelerating, there’s an imperative to transition away from traditional, dirty energy sources as quickly as possible. The corporate procurement of 10 or 20 GW of solar or wind per year is insufficient when we need 50 or 100 GW added annually by the private sector to reach our climate goals.” Some of the best news about the exciting changes that are occurring regarding the mitigation of greenhouse gases surrounds the many companies that are now venturing into businesses surrounding carbon capture. Some Notable Examples are:   Climate Tech Fund just started and is a $100 Million dollar venture led by two women. Another company, Wilk, is a startup aiming to help disrupt the dairy industry by producing in a lab a dairy and infant formula. One Canadian company, Carbon Cure Technologies, has developed a way of injecting captured CO2 into concrete where it is mineralized and “permanently” stored. Carbon Cure’s corporate mission is to remove 500 million metric tons of CO2 annually by 2030, which in effect would be like taking 100 million cars off the road every year! San-Francisco based Heirloom is another company using innovative technology to reduce carbon. They use renewable energy to accelerate a natural process that uses minerals “thirsty” for carbon dioxide and encourages them to soak up the CO2 like sponges, turning them into stone.   Working on carbon renewal and storage seems to be an ‘all hands on deck’ methodology that is needed in this time of transition.  We clearly see that we are at a tipping point for climate change. The field of technology as well as the financial world has now begun to rethink their corporate mentality. When the “bottom line’ for companies is seen to profit from doing the right thing, then we are going to on the right path in terms of carbon capture. For that reason, investing in carbon renewal offsets is what the Frontier Fund is focused on. And finally, amid all the exciting news surrounding the companies committed to helping solve the climate crisis, there’s a company in Austin Texas called Terradepth which is using robots to collect information about the ocean floor! The direction that we are moving in is the right one. The “All hands on deck’ approach is one that has been long-needed and seems to be finding some companies willing to dedicate their corporate structure and mentality towards finding solutions for a greener planet! **Note: Information from this article was obtained in part from Green Biz Data Source

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Lent Vignette for Easter Sunday

For this Easter Sunday, the different suggestions we have seen from Creation Justice Ministries for the year ahead can give us all sorts of ideas to inspire us going forward. Learning more about local foods, appreciating and being mindful of the clean water we drink, and also being aware of our fragile planet as the source of all we love and all we are can be the takeaways to help us develop a new mindset. We can choose any one of the practices that we’ve discussed over Lent to begin to adopt a more purposeful approach to our own conservation and environmental attitudes. Some suggestions for Easter   Read John 13:1-17, 31b-35. We can then ask: How can we love one another….and God’s world, as Christ has loved us?  You can start by writing down your commitments to others. Read Hebrews 4:14-16. It helps us to ask ourselves this: Are we willing to be made new in Christ for a reconciled & reconciling world? Read Matthew 28:1-10  The joyful message of Easter is this: Do not be afraid! Go out into God’s good world, holding onto God’s steadfast love and joyfully answering the call to be Christ’s disciple. Prayer for Easter from Creation Justice Ministries   And here is a closing prayer from Creation Justice Ministries, an excerpt as we lead into the Earth Day Celebration later this week, and we can also be mindful that celebrating the Earth and all that it provides is something we can do every week! From Creation Justice Ministries:   Like Job in the whirlwind, or Jonah in the storm at sea, we come before you in awe of your power, God. We recognize that today’s storms and whirlwinds are not your judgment on your people, but the distortion of natural systems through our own sin and hubris. As the storms and whirlwinds of the climate crisis accelerate around us, may our sanctuary be a place of refuge and resilience, where all of God’s creation might be protected and sustained, and from which we, People of God, might be sent forth to bring healing and justice.

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Five Favorite Things for April!

We should really start off with April Fools Day! April Fools is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s tailor made for those of us who are inclined to not take ourselves too seriously…And last month we honored those funny people we love most on “Let’s Laugh” Day. The theme for April is Green Shoots and Simple Abundance. This month, as with every month, it’s hard to narrow it down to just five favorites…but here goes: Number One: Library Week & Book Day! April 4th – 10th In April, we are kicking off the month at 6 Degrees thinking of books. Those books we love the most, and the ones that we never have enough time to read! On the website, there are 6 Degrees books of course, but also the books from Reverend Philip Lee. Reverend Lee wrote the much revered authoritative book on the Christian Right: “Against the Protestant Gnostics.” Another Canadian author and environmentalist is Philip Lee Jr. His newest acclaimed book is “Restigouche: The Long Run of the Wild River” There’s a  friend from my Church days, Sarah M. Bonnema, who has written a fantastic children’s book called “The Color of God.”  And there are some books offered from my mentor, Gretchen Rubin, who writes about happiness in “The Happiness Project” and also has a best-seller called “The Four Tendencies.” Oprah, of course, has her famous book club, and Gretchen Rubin does recommend a list of books to read on her site. We have started The Sunday Reads at 6 Degrees, and it features monthly book recommendations, but also a list of articles and long reads that are diverse and interesting as well as topical!   Number Two: World Health Day April 7th World Health Day is a time when we remind ourselves of the resolutions that we were going to make or the ways we were going to try and eat more veggies! So the new Brown Bag Series of Posts will help remind you that we can’t always be perfect, but it pays to stay informed, especially as we are all trying to find a balance of the new ‘normal’ in a post-COVID world!   Number Three: National Pet Day is April 11th I had a good friend who would tell me that every day was National Pet Day at our houses, because we loved our dogs so much! No matter what kind of pet you have, we celebrate them all…This month, we are most excited about the new Facebook page: My Dog Journal, and the website page offering a chance to send us pictures of your favorite pups to highlight on Tee-Shirts, on Mugs, on Totes or even on your Journal. We also offer a Pet Memorial Album, to download for sharing pictures of your beloved pooch that has traveled over the Rainbow Bridge. Here’s a link to the origins of that familiar phrase we pet owners use to acknowledge when our animals are ready to cross over to the other side.   Number Four: Easter Sunday is April 17th Easter Sunday is April 17th this year, and each week we have discussed in our Lent series a few topics that tie in to our Easter theme this year of Simple Abundance.  Not only do we suggest simple ways to become more mindful of what we eat, but also the things that we need to focus on in our everyday lives. They are the Green Shoots that give us hope and make us grateful for all the abundance we have here in America.   Number Five: April 22nd is Earth Day at Brown Bag Organics That brings us to Earth Day! This year, not only are we excited about the Brown Bag Organics tie -ins, with Green Resources and Carbon Footprint trackers, but also the Earth Day Products we can enjoy! Those practical items that will help us  be not only mindful of our planet, but also offer solutions as well as statements of how we plan to act in our everyday lives.   April is a time for grace and celebration, for fun and laughter as well as family and fellowship. In other words, we will enjoy the times we gather together as well as those times when we work and plan and look forward to the good times yet to come!   Have a wonderful Easter Holiday, all my friends who follow us at 6 Degrees. We are always planning new adventures here and look forward to hearing from all of you… Like and follow us on Facebook at 6 Degrees Writer and now at Brown Bag Organics and 6 Degrees of Film pages.   Don’t forget to download some fun Freebies like your 2022 Mini Planner and Self Esteem Journal. And check out the Earth Day line from Brown Bag Organics….Tee-Shirts/ Mugs/ Totes & Journals!   “Tell me what you pay attention to & I will tell you who you are”-Jose Ortega y Gasset   Check it out: Sunday Reads on Facebook Vignettes : April is Pale Fawn Fluff & The Serenity Prayer for the not-so Serene 6 Degrees of Film Round up: Monthly Film news and weekly updates on FB Lent Series: Brown Bag Organics Facebook Page My Dog Journal on Facebook

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Lent Series: Reminder to all on the Judgment of Nations

St Augustine: God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. If the center is everywhere, it is where you are. You are the center of the universe, the center of God. Somehow, I’m not seeing this as a self-centered and narcissistic statement.  Instead, I believe it’s a view of the notion that we are God-Centric. And with God working to create a better world, we must begin within ourselves. Neighbors helping neighbors, friends helping friends, families helping other families in need, and so it goes that in helping others, we can begin today. That is the way that we can create a better world one step at a time. Thinking of the people in Ukraine, and the ones that we need to help who are in need, it suddenly makes more sense to hear Jesus’ voice in scripture talking about the Judgment of Nations: “Just as you do to the least of these…so you do it for me..” Matthew 25:40 On April 22nd, on Earth Day, you can sign up to become part of the members who will invoke the National Climate Prayer. Here is an excerpt from it: …We pray that love & wisdom might inspire my actions and our actions as communities so that we may look into the eyes of brothers and sisters…and truthfully say we are doing our part to care for them and the future of the children. May love transform us and our world with new steps towards life.

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