Monday Mojo: Energy and Ephiphany

For this last week in January, our keywords are Protection…Epiphany…and Energy! Protection Be near me Lord Jesus, I ask you to stay…Close by me forever and love me I pray…I love thee Lord Jesus, Look down from the sky…and stay by my cradle…till morning is nigh… The lyrics to the hymn Away in a Manger talk of the guiding presence of Christ throughout the long nights. When we feel protected, there is a sense of comfort and of security in love and in caring for others. When we open our hearts to the true nature of what love can bring into our lives, in our spiritual life and in turn in our own hearts, then we open new doors and possibilities. We can also awaken a new sense of protection that will surround us and that can also bring us a deep and abiding sense of comfort and inner strength.   Epiphany The Epiphany is a date on the Calendar in early January that we observe in the Christian religion. It can give us a sense of closure to the revelry of our holiday season. Also, there is a real story within of those who followed a star and reached their destination.  Their epiphany revealed the Christ child, who was a wonderful and entirely new source of light for the world to see. When one experiences an Epiphany in life, there is a moment of clarity and a revelation that may change our lives forever. It can bring inspiration and a new sense of purpose when we have an epiphany about something important to us. The opportunities are there, and we cannot seek the epiphany without opening our hearts and minds to new ideas and new ways of thinking about all manners of things. Probably the most famous example is Paul, who had an epiphany on the road to Damascus. And so it is that we may also experience something wonderful and life-changing in our own lives. But we must also be willing to accept the change and grow when we discover it. Energy Eleanor Roosevelt is someone that I quote often in the affirmations that have been set up for The Growing Group. My personal favorite is the one I wrote on Facebook the other day : Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. That sentiment is a great testament to the inner strength and powerful will of this iconic role model. But another facet of the role models we choose is often the energy they exude. We have perhaps heard about the unstoppable energy of someone who is spoken of in terms of being a ‘force of nature.’ They have such energy and enthusiasm for what they do, that it becomes a powerful tonic that is often passed to their most devoted followers. Eleanor Roosevelt also said “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” That is a powerful call to action for those of us who are looking to bring plans to fruition. The Positive Planning Workshop that was launched this month is dedicated to those leaders such as Mrs. Roosevelt who were able to rally their followers around them and to inspire devotion and trust throughout their lives. Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the Kingdom of God belongs=Matthew 19:14 Mantra: This week I will look for a moment of clarity and revelation in some part of my life that needs repair; and be open to discovery and perhaps an epiphany in my outlook! I’ll use my energy to make plans that have some concrete action steps. My wishes from the past will bring new life to these plans. And I will ask for guidance and seek protection in my spiritual life, to help center my thoughts and focus each day.

Monday Mojo: Energy and Ephiphany