Monday Mojo

My words for the week are Being Present….Finding Courage…Faith My Mantra for the week: I am going to live my life -beginning this week-determined each day to live in the moment, rather than dreaming of what-if’s and maybe’s in my life and my past.  I focus on becoming centered, quiet in meditation, to draw on the inner strength that I have summoned in the past. And finally, to look at my own life with possibilities for each new day as I find faith in myself and my dreams going forward. Being Present Being Present in the moment means that we can think mindfully, and listen with an open heart and clear head to produce informed decisions. We feel at peace and connected when we can ‘click’ with others. The buzz word is ‘focus.’ If you have focus and can concentrate, you can live in the moment where you need to be without constantly thinking ahead or second-guessing or daydreaming or living in an alternate state of reality. Finding Courage Finding the courage to let go is part of the inner strength we need to draw from to make good decisions and stay in the moment. When we let go of doubt and fear, we can face the things we need to confront that often hold us back. When we have the courage of our convictions, the strength to follow our hearts and listen and live in the moment, we can move forward. Faith We can begin to see faith differently when we look at ourselves and work to have faith in our selves. If we feel we can handle challenges by living in the moment and drawing from an inner reserve of courage, we can begin to have faith in our selves and our dreams and the possibilities in life. We find we can have faith enough….strength enough…and love enough, to tackle all challenges that come our way. So keep up your courage-for I have faith in God that it will be exactly as I have been told- Acts 27:25 Monday & Tuesday: Our exercise is to be mindful and to live in the moment. At work, to concentrate and focus on the problems before us, and at home to center on the people I love and the friends I encounter.  Each day through the week, use your Mantra to stay focused and in the moment when you interact with others. Wednesday & Thursday: Make a list of the things that have held you back in the past. And then, list the times you had to draw on some inner strength to help a friend or family member to make it though a difficult time. Take the list and write next to it the things you know NOW that help you to make different choices, and write a new list of the ways you can use that inner strength. Throw away the old list and keep the new one! Friday & Weekend: Write down the things that are challenges in your life; and write different ways that you can overcome them. Each day, take a deep breath and say your Mantra. Then, find a quiet time to look at the goals you’ve set, and where you will be when you have faith in your ability to overcome all your obstacles, and use your own strengths to the fullest. Living in the moment, and then finding the strength and faith to believe in yourself.

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