Your Monday Muse: Facing your Fears to Achieve Greatness!

The following is an excerpt from an essay by the great Scottish writer, George MacDonald: Where the Spirit-Lord is, There is Liberty; From George MacDonald “What it cost the Son to get so near to us that we could say “Come in,” is the story of his life. He stands at the door and knocks, and when we open to him he comes in, and dwells with us, and we are transformed to the same image of truth and purity and heavenly childhood. Where power dwells, there is no force; where the spirit {of the Lord is}, there is Liberty…” Here is a great testament to the spirit of what Liberty really means. With a liberating force, we can be transformed. As we work to define the terms of freedom and what having free will means, there is always a spiritual component that is found when we think of those who were imprisoned, such as Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and yet led such inspiring lives that their strength of character and dynamic spirit could never be contained within the four walls of a prison cell! In order to further explore the qualities of leadership that elevate great men and women, here’s a short list from The Growing Group to learn more about the quality of character that help achieve wonderful things! Your Growing Group Character Tip Sheet! Getting Better at Facing your Fears 5 Things required for Happiness The Science of Kindness *The Kindness Booklet will help! Stop doing these 3 things to get motivated Making Smart Decisions Mantra: I will think of those who led inspiring lives and faced darkness and fear, and came through triumphant! And after meditation and prayer, I can also look within myself to make wise decisions, to be kinder to myself and others, and to face my fears and emerge stronger than before Growing Group Weekly Exercises Monday & Tuesday: I will make a list and call it “Own It!” List, where I face up to those things that have held me back in the past. I can look to the people who had strength of character to better understand how to face up to my fears. Wednesday & Thursday: I will be mindful of the kindness that has been shown to me. And I will think of ways to make kindness become a part of my life and my character from this day forward. Friday & Saturday: After reading the Growing Group, I will think of ways I can make smarter decisions, start facing my fears, and learn to be happier, kinder, and more motivated as we move into the Holiday Season!

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