Five Favorite Things for July!

For July, 6 Degrees is emphasizing the idea of relaxation. And finding the time to re-group and to vacate your usual routines and relax is vital. That is the importance of having vacations, even if they are only for a short weekend! This month, we are celebrating summer and that includes vacations and finding the time to read a good book (visit our site and Facebook page for good recommendations!). The importance of family and spending time with family and friends is one of the best parts of making holiday plans. Here’s hoping all of our friends and extended family that follows 6 Degrees is ready to have a wonderful vacation time!  Number One: Celebrating Summer & the Fourth of July!   On the fourth of July, we have been looking back at past vacations with family and friends. And some of the best beach pictures and mountain vacations are remembered on Facebook posts and Social Media shares with friends. Here’s a link to 6 Degrees Writer, where we start the month with just sharing some special memories of past times spent in wonderful ways…. **Don’t forget that 6 Degrees of Film features our Friday Flix film reviews (including July movie premieres!), each week on Facebook!   Number Two: Thursday, July 7th is Global Forgiveness Day We must keep reminding ourselves that when we practice forgiveness, we should include ourselves in the process! Chances are you are like most of us, and that means being harder on Yourself than on anyone else! Write yourself a Lifetime Pass of Forgiveness, and join us at The Growing Group! We have just begun a new series of exercises that start each Monday with an Inspirational Mantra in your inbox. That includes a short list of weekly motivational exercises to begin the week right! We are now offering the Growing Group Journal also, for those who would like to begin journaling as a daily practice….   Number Three: Tuesday July 12th is National Simplicity Day   Simplicity can continue our idea of relaxation by striving to live simply and to stress less! My own commitment means I am going to work to throw things away and downsize! When I get stressed from all of the lovely “junk” I’ve accumulated through a lifetime, I am going to practice deep breathing and then go to Brown Bag Organics. Our online magazine and Facebook page offer hints and tips for those who want to live simply, to embrace a natural life-style, and to find easy ways to de-stress.   Number Four: World Listening Day on Monday July 18th/Seneca Falls is July 19th   These two days combine Two of my Favorite Things…I believe somehow that the concept of listening more to others and then celebrating all the women who worked tirelessly for the vote can go hand in hand!   In keeping with the idea of reducing stress, breathing deeply, and finding ways to relax, we know those things are in direct contrast to the news we see on our TV screens each day.  However, in finding ways to listen to the other side, and working to find solutions and ways to compromise and accept those things we know we cannot change, we will find that listening does help.   And, to celebrate 100 years of the women’s vote, 6 Degrees created the magazine “A Century of Women.” Our motto is: “We are not going back” and that means that we must listen and  then move forward to find progress and solutions to 21st Century problems! Join us and visit the site to see our new products that include T-Shirts, Totes and Mugs with “We are not going back” as our tag line.   Number Five: Saturday July 23rd is “Gorgeous Grandma” Day Celebrate all the women in your life and family who are gorgeous grandmothers! We have a winner here at 6 Degrees…Susan is my sister-in-law and she is a tireless and proud Grandma as well as a simply gorgeous lady! Send your pictures to us at 6 Degrees and nominate someone you know to win a tote celebrating the strong women in your life: “We are not going back!” …. We are excited each month to roll out new opportunities to connect with you! Join us on the website or online at 6 Degrees and visit some of our new pages: Brown Bag Organics and My Dog Journal are just two!

Five Favorite Things for July!