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Your Monday Muse: The Growing Group Round-up for October!

With the theme of Blessings this month in the Growing Group, the Round-up for October features some things that will serve as guideposts in your life.   When you are looking for ways to stay positive, (even when it looks like life has handed you a lemon!), you can look at the ways that you may have even had blessings in disguise when things do go wrong in your life. When we hear the phrase,  The Lord helps those who help themselves,  the idea of having free will and self-determination come to mind. Americans have always been great believers in the idea of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. Hidden Blessings Keeping that in mind, we also have thought of times when there were hidden blessings we received, as well as blessings we may have given to others. The emphasis is always on thinking of others in your life as you work on goals to succeed. The measure of kindness you can bring is discussed, as well as ways that it can positively affect your health. And when you pro-actively work on staying positive and productive, you can start your week right, and form habits that will help you stay focused and on track. Ways to Re-define Success… Finally, author Holley Gerth speaks about how we define success in our lives. We may need to redefine what we always thought we wanted as our ideal of being a success! If we want to look at the world in different ways, there are some inspiring stories from those who will help us see the world through their eyes. All of these are part of our road to positive growth that we find in the Growing Group. Blessings to all of you!-ML-The 6 Degrees Writer This week online in the Growing Group Magazine, look for: The ways that Kindness affects your health (Our Kindness Booklet can serve as a guide!) Do something to start your week that will make you productive all week long Find Habits to change your life Holley Gerth writes on what Success means to you-and ways to redefine it in your life Inspiring Memoirs: A new way to see the world

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Five Favorite Things for June

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of June. Time flies this year, as we are at the half-way point for 2021. So much has happened that it’s hard to keep pace with it! COVID is still with us, but we are a big turning point in tamping down the spread of the scourge in the USA. So that is something to celebrate as we approach the Fourth of July weekend here in the states. And there is so much going on when you are starting a business! So that has been daunting and challenging but rewarding as well. Here are the five favorite things that are part of this past month. Number One: Influencers! My influencers: Gretchen Rubin has been one of my ‘go-to- influencers in starting the Growing Group business and modeling the projects after her own Happiness Project. Another favorite is Holley Gerth, who is also a kind of spiritual guide for my work, as she also uses faith-based messaging to support her work. Oprah, of course, has a strong base of her own work and website devoted to inspirational and motivational messages. We all bow down low to her, as she is the font of wisdom regarding all things connected with positive motivation. And lately, ladies like Mika Brzezinski who created Know Your Value, have been an important touchstone for those older women, (and younger career women), who are looking for guidance in how to navigate the treacherous waters of the workplace. It’s more than just a phrase or a mantra that helps you. It is a way of living when you are a woman with a career of ‘a certain age’ in any business! Number Two: Dogs are always favorites! Dogs of course, the rescue world has many specialty breed sites for those with a love for certain type of breed. In my case, Above and Beyond focus on English Setter rescues, and they have done amazing work. I’ve recently been in touch with this group, and these dedicated women (and men) often travel to other countries, Greece and Turkey as well as other places, to find dogs who have been abandoned or must fend for themselves on the streets. Their stories all touch the heart. And since my own sweet dogs have passed over the bridge, it’s a worthwhile cause even if you cannot adopt or foster a dog. Please consider donating to one of these remarkable rescue groups. One of my favorite cartoons says it all. The two dogs sit on a dock looking out at the water, and the one with wings we realize has passed on. The live dog says: “They still talk about you…” The deceased dog says: “I know.” Number three is Politics! 21st Century News! I know, it’s hard to believe anything that has to do with politics can be a favorite topic these days! But I have been active in political blogging for over a decade, and my site is Red State/ Blue State. I have a blog and an online magazine by that name. Plus I have a Twitter account and it’s active with my 21st Century followers on a daily and weekly basis. The book I am working on is Notes from the Underground; My Life in the Resistance. For those of you who are on the other side of the aisle, just remember that one of the ways I talk about politics is called Red State/ Blue State. The magazine online tries to look at two sides of the issue and we don’t allow the type of vitriol and name-calling that is always active on Twitter and Facebook! So with that in mind, all points of view are welcome as we begin to roll out the book later this summer. Number four is my Diet for Life story My Diet for Life E-book is almost ready! This e-book has been a story that I’ve wanted to tell for the past five years or more. One of my close friends is the subject of the first section, dealing with those who face life-threatening health challenges and ways that diet can often alleviate the need for heavy duty medications and drug cocktails.  The other stories are personal ones about diet and how it changes your life. That includes my own story of gluten-free living for the past 25 years or more…. The Brown Bag Organics roll out has been part of the story. Brown Bag Organics was created over 20 years ago, and it’s now a blog and also a magazine with articles on ways to eat healthy and spend less!   Number Five: The Personals The Personals: This past month we honored Dads on Father’s Day by featuring their stories in social media. In my case, my Dad, who served in World War II, was in a photography unit, so I had a great picture of him with his trusty camera…. July is going to be a great month for us in Florida. We look forward to a big Fourth of July celebration to help kick-off an era that hopefully puts COVID in the rear view mirror! Hoping all have a wonderful time and some fun plans to celebrate with friends and family! ML at 6 Degrees PS: Sign up here to keep up with all the latest from 6 Degrees News!

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