Five Favorite Things for February!

Just going through the list for February tells the tale! It’s a short month that leaves a long trail! This year, Mardi Gras is back-to-back with Valentine’s Day and that means Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent too! Have you ever noticed at times that you seem to have weeks that drag along and then there are times when everything happens everywhere all at once!?… It was the same when I worked in retail years ago. At the department stores, people would not come in & the time would just seem to stand still. It would be slow, and all of a sudden everyone would just swarm the counters all at one time! It must be some quirk of human behavior that I just don’t ‘get!”…Anyhow…there’s a lot packed in to just one little month!:) Some favorite things for February   Number One: Black History Month This month, I’m making a point to feature some of the lesser-known tales of black women who paved the way for all of us living in the here and now! I have spotlighted them in our “6 Degrees of History” & “A Century of Women” magazines, with heroines like Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King. But not all of these ladies were well-known to the public. Remember the “Hidden Figures’ story of how the black women who were relegated to the back rooms at NASA were instrumental in helping our country make it to the moon!?   Number Two is Super Bowl Sunday Even if you don’t have a team in this fight, it’s always fun to see the roll-out of new commercials and films as we look for places to get-together with friends and just relax! We usually have Cuban Sandwiches at our house (it’s a Tampa ‘thing!”) for the big game, but just to mix it up, we are going to try some Philly Cheese Steaks this time around . Number Three is Mardi Gras Although I haven’t been to the actual New Orleans parade of parties in over two decades, I still like to celebrate that day with beads and maybe a festive dip or appetizer to help keep that party feeling rolling along…   Number Four: Valentine’s Day It’s a special time if you want to go out to dinner with your ‘significant other,’ but even if you are a single person, you can celebrate with friends and have a special dinner on Valentine’s. I have an entire site dedicated to romance on Flipboard: “A Little Romance.” I wasn’t quite sure how it would grow, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of the romance genre. And knowing my niece has a best-selling book in Fantasy Romance reminds me that the romance section of the book store is always hopping with customers…. And in addition to that, I have been a huge fan not only of Jane Austen, but also Georgette Heyer, for many years. Heyer has some stories that are so funny and full of detail about the Victorian era of England. Plus they are wildly entertaining. That’s why I cannot believe that Hollywood has not been swarming around her plots as they did with Ms Austen’s!   Number Five: Random Acts of Kindness I love this concept, because as we in The Growing Group know, it is always a good idea to remind ourselves that we should be kinder to one another (as well as to ourselves!) This special day is just a great time to reinforce that notion of random kindness. (And we really need to have it sticky-taped to our fridge!)_  

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