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Five Favorite Things in May!

The month of May is here. Hard to believe how quickly the months go by! And in May, we are looking at celebrations to kick off the month. Cinco de Mayo is in week one of May, and from there we celebrate Mother’s Day as well as the kickoff to summer on Memorial Day weekend! The theme for 6 Degrees website in May is “Celebrate your Inner Muse!” There’s lots to do and lots to celebrate this month… Number One: National Day of Prayer (& Cinco de Mayo!) Cinco de Mayo, May 5th, is a day that usually means celebrating with food. (See Number Five for food ideas!) But it’s also the National Day of Prayer…. For those who would like to offer a special prayer, there are several sites to visit. The church where you worship locally will probably have a link, as well as these we offer: Creation Justice Presbyterian USA Women’s Guide to Prayer Unity Church Number Two: Mother’s Day is May 8th Mother’s Day is May 8th this year. Mother’s Day is a time when some people are scrambling to find last minute gifts that will please a special Mom who always does so much for us! Here are some suggestions. We are now offering our own 6 Degree product ideas as well. Amazon Links:  Amazon offers a wide range of beauty & health products and other accessories for Moms 6 Degrees Shop: 6 Degrees is now offering personal gifts ranging from T-Shirts for film lovers, for Brown Bag Environmentalists, and for Dog-Moms! Also Totes with pictures of your pooch, for naturalists, and Journals for Moms to write in with beautiful covers from art and covering a range of film or Art Deco and Futurist Themes! Fair Trade:  We are excited to offer some Fair Trade Products with links provided here and for the upcoming Fair Trade Day on May 14th! Number Three: Fair Trade Day– is May 14th plus gifts to help Ukraine!  Fair Trade Day is May 14. Here is a new area where we are excited to offer some ideas that will help those in need as well as….For those who are interested in finding ways to help Ukraine and its people we also offer links: On Amazon: There are a variety of products that are offered through Amazon with Fair Trade Labels Brown Bag Shop Recommends: Top rated Ukraine Relief Organizations Number Four International Museum Day is Wed May 18th! Those who know me know that museums are a place I often go to for inspiration and ideas. It’s a perfect place to unwind and ‘celebrate your inner muse!” Here’s the link to the piece I wrote on “Museums I have Known.” Since the pandemic, I’ve not been able to get my ‘fix’ so I’m planning on visiting a couple of shows that are in my region this spring and summer. And I always urge folks to try and see some museum show that you can visit in your area, at least a couple of times a year. There are all types of museums for different tastes, for railroad enthusiasts, for photography buffs, for Native American Art lovers and even museums for sports fanatics! One friend was very excited about the new Bob Dylan museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma of all places! (Who knew!?) Number Five:  Memorial Day weekend & National Creativity Day    Here’s a thought. Find your creative muse and celebrate your newfound joie de vivre all weekend long! Memorial Day weekend is the official start of summer in America, and we are always ready to celebrate with local specialties and great seasonal food…. May 30th is also National Creativity Day, so keep the celebration going with a picnic or museum visit! If you need any ideas, head to our GF Writers Cooking Journal for new recipes each week and beautiful photos that are guaranteed to whet your appetite! Here’s some links that will help you as you kick off the summer with good food, great books and articles to read, and even more food for thought! Sunday Reads on Facebook/ Recommended reads at The Blurb Blog 6 Degrees Vignettes: Sign up for your monthly Vignettes in your Inbox 6 Degrees Film Round up; Each month on 6 Degrees; each week on FB Brown Bag Organics: The Brown Bag Tip Sheet with Green Resources! Your Gift Guide: For Mother’s Day & Birthdays-All Occasion Gifts!

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Five Favorite Things in May from 6 Degrees

This month the five favorite things that are part of our May happenings at 6 Degrees are exciting and interconnected! They are: Memorial Day:  Memorial Day is a time of reflection and was and is a day of remembrance for those who sacrificed their lives for our country. As a way of remembering my own family’s war service, in particular that of my own Father who served in World War II, I published “Remember the Alamo with each war” on Check it out if you have a chance Mother’s Day;  Mother’s Day was an exciting time this year as we were also celebrating the re-opening of many local events and our usual laid-back Florida holiday activities. This year we celebrated with a visit to the beach! Here’s a picture of the beautiful Sunset along with my 95-year old mother enjoying the view! Also on Mother’s Day,  Congratulations to my niece, who just had her third child, baby Bennett! It’s hard to believe the little girl I babysat and cared for as a toddler now has three kids! Life goes on… Simone Biles & the Upcoming Olympics:  There is excitement building for the Olympics in Tokyo. It looks like they will actually happen, although there will not be full stands of spectators at this Pandemic era Olympics….If you have a chance, watch America’s own Gymnastics Queen Simone Biles as she vaults to a perfect landing on video  ….a shoo-in for Olympic Gold! Personally Speaking;  (And professionally speaking too)  The upcoming E-Book, Diet for Life with the 6 Degrees Connection from Brown Bag Organics is almost finished!  You can pre-register soon and also check out more products and ideas in our monthly Brown bag Tip Sheet. The E-book is about more than just dieting. The hard part is maintenance and the notion that we are all dieting for life. 5. Something Funny:  The Macabre and almost forgotten comedy style of John Astin as Gomez Addams is one of my favorite things this month. For those who appreciate the unique and unusual, you can agree that the original idea of the Charles Addams’ comics were faithfully executed in the “Addams Family” sitcom from the sixties now being shown on cable. Until next time, hope everyone has had a great start to their summer as we are entering our ‘post-Covid’ world!-6 Degrees Writer/ML

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