Monday Mojo: The Stillness & Love of Christmas

Stillness Stillness is a quality that is separate and apart from just being quiet and being alone. It brings forth images of the peaceful and silent night where shepherds must have watched over sheep in a world far away from cities and crowds of people. We have heard the expression Be Still and Know that He is God. Perhaps we’ve seen the commercial where a woman goes to her home in chaos and retreats to the quiet luxury of her car where she can relax.  We all need a place where there is rest and quiet, not simply in your mind but in your soul. This time of year leads us to reflect on the year gone by- the Auld Lang Syne of the song. The cofounder of Unity Myrtle Fillmore said, “Each day you should have a period of stillness when the soul may gather sustaining power and restoring life.” We may not always find that quiet time on busy days, but for the Christmas season, there is a need for the quiet and stillness of a day that leads to reflection and the ability to restore our souls. Rest I used to laugh with my former boss when I would tell her, “In your leisure time…” because I knew she really didn’t have the luxury of ‘down time.’ Time spent in quiet reflection is at times a luxury we need to indulge in. Rest is something that our bodies need, but perhaps even more, our spirit and our souls need that time where we can renew our thoughts and rest in prayer and meditation. Love Finally, the one solution and final answer to the most difficult of problems always begins and ends with Love. Love is the culmination of all the times we spend in anger and frustration in our lives. For a more perfect order, and a time of peace and stillness, love is the required ingredient to find a soul and a life at peace. Christmas is the best of times to reflect on the love we make in our own lives. And the love we share and offer is the true gift of Christmas, and one that we can share year round.   But those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles-Isiah 40:31   Mantra: During this Christmas week, we seek rest and stillness from a frenzied time of gift-giving and completing errands and all the required tasks. Our reward is the time we spend with our loved ones. The love we give and the love we take are part of the special spirit of Christmas that is embodied in the Christ child and the story of his humble birth. We know that we will find a time to Be Still and know God, in the quiet and peaceful stillness of the Holy Night.

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