Five Favorite Things from August

Here are a few of my favorite things… Raindrops and roses and words that are written Gluten free foods and by books I am smitten  Finding a new world that lives in my brain These are a few of my favorite things…. When the muse shrieks When the dog screams When I’m feeling bad  I simply remember Five Favorite things and then I will feel Quite Glad!  Hard to believe that August is gone! But this month has been so full of different things happening all at once, and it’s so hard to narrow it down to just FIVE favorites! Here’s the list:   Number One: The Dogs Each month, we have these tales in the “Doggie in the Window” magazine of rescues and heart-warming stories of friendship and love. This month, the winner hands down was the story of an elderly lady named Sally who bonded with a lovable and goofy St. Bernard, Brody, that lived next door. When Sally moved away to a nearby nursing home, Brody couldn’t understand what happened to his friend. So the family started taking Brody to visit her each week!…Dogs are the common denominator in our lives that just give off good vibes and create ‘feel-good’ stories😊 Number Two: Writers who Write This month, we’ve been featuring on social media some of the articles and highlights from authors who write and teach others to write as well! Jane Friedman, Nina Amir, Gretchen Rubin, plus WOW (Women on Writing), Writers Digest and the Florida Writers Association are just a few of the top sites and blogs featured monthly. All of the articles are packed together in one newsletter with something for those who love to write and create, and those who just love to read! 6 Degrees Writers Favorites is the place to find all the writing news that’s fit to print. Number Three: Vignettes are here! The Vignettes are part of the featured posts each month that give readers and followers a taste of what the process of writing is all about. Just a few of these vignettes have made their way through the editing process to land on the blog site and in Social Media… Number Four: The Personals I think we spoke last month of the new addition to the household. Our resident cat, Tabitha, has begun to enjoy her life on the lanai and the escape the doggie door provides to the air-conditioned indoors! Number Five:  Into the Future We have been obsessed of late with news from the future. The vaccines that were developed through the magic of science, and the scientific inspiration that has led to so many different rockets launched recently by billionaires heading into space are just some of the tantalizing visions that we know about. What’s next? Our magazine-6 Degrees into the Future-brings up to date articles and posts about what is coming and what is already here or is just around the corner. Coming in September… Hard to believe Fall is just around the corner…Stay tuned for more excitement and fun with the re-tooled pages on the 6 Degrees website, as well as more fun freebies and birthday bonuses that will be here.

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