Growing Group: What does Personal Growth mean to you?

Why is Personal Growth vital for your Well-Being? Some words become so over-used that they sort of lose their meaning…Things like awesome and amazing can become almost meaningless with overuse. But the term “Personal Growth’ is one that has become a ‘buzz-word’ of late.   It should not be overlooked simply because it’s become a popular term. Personal Growth is a concept, but it’s also a goal for life that we can use to highlight a variety of events and situations within our own personal storyline. And when we do achieve a measure of meaningful growth, it’s something that goes beyond simply amazing and awesome. It’s a point of personal pride that helps us from deep within our lives and it reflects in our spirit and in our attitude about life and personal fulfillment.   For an example of how to achieve Personal Growth, there’s the story of someone who began their life as a carpenter (Not Jesus-in this instance!), and ended up becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Or the woman who began life as a simple dressmaker, and became an icon and symbol for the Civil Rights Movement! Those famous examples are Harrison Ford, the actor, and Rosa Parks, the Civil Rights legend.   Both of them started out in life with humble beginnings, and achieved great things. And of course, we cannot all become famous celebrities when we achieve Personal Growth! However, the idea is that when we work hard and believe in ourselves, we can make our dreams become reality.   Why should you be concerned with Personal Growth? In life, there are times when we look back and we may have regrets about the way we could have handled a given situation. “Why didn’t I say THIS to that person?!” , is something we might think. Or we may find that we need to stand up for ourselves, or some project or another person, and we cannot find the right words or lack the right energy to carry it out. And we often feel like we have failed when this happens. That is why it’s important to do a “Gut Check’ at times and find out what we need to do to gain the confidence and the motivation to grow in our own lives. Ways to learn and grow as a Person   There are so many ways that we might find to help give us that attitude of courage and confidence to achieve our goals. Here are a few tried and true methods:   Take courses and study to learn more about what we love Find a Mentor-at work or in your community-to help you grow Read up on a subject -or travel to find out more about what you love   All of these are things that you can do to start to achieve some of the personal goals that you may set for yourself for the future. And these are all things that may take time. Or you might have to save your money in order to fund a long-term education goal or a travel destination. Begin Today!   For some proven methods that will help you focus your time and your energy on achieving your goals and attaining Personal Growth, there are several easy ways to help you kick-start your plans and motivate you as you begin your journey. Find out much more when you download the Growing Group Power Point to help you organize and begin to plan your next steps. And visit our Growing Group magazine and website to begin your journey today!  

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