Non Profit News Top Ten

  The 6 Degrees Non Profit News Magazine on Flipboard talks about charities and NGO’s that work to end poverty and homelessness. It also deals with issues of sustainable living and education issues not only in developing countries, but in wealthy ones such as the USA. For October, here’s a list of the top ten topics on Non Profit News: Poverty: 1 in 6 Children were in extreme poverty prior to the Pandemic. That number is likely to get worse, with estimates of 356 Million Children living in extreme poverty conditions. Digital Access: In rural areas across the USA, as well as in developing countries, there is a problem with children accessing computers and online data to study and keep up with the pace of their educational needs. With COVID-19 still raging, there is much in the way of bad news. But this article is a hopeful one sharing the ideas of young activists who want to help make the world a better place. Incarceration: In America, we know there is a need for Prison Reform, to help transition people out of prisons and into the workforce, as well as to identify drug use and to funnel a number of incarcerated people into rehab programs rather than into prison. Housing and Racial Inequality: One of the major gaps in the racial wealth has been in home ownership. This is something that has not been addressed through many election cycles, but is now coming to the forefront in making radical changes to improve racial wealth gaps. Support of UNICEF/United Nations Day and the Peace Corps; Non Profit News magazine often publishes pictures of young men and women with children they are helping through the work of these landmark institutions created for closing poverty gaps in developing nations and addressing needs globally. Foster Children: Raising the issue of a continuing need to foster children during the time of the Pandemic Sustainability: This article deals with the idea that electric vehicles will soon be the norm for American workers Women’s Rights and Issues: Very often, women’s issues are tied to the notion of raising a family out of poverty. Finding ways for girls to go to school and for women to create an income are issues that help close the wealth gap in developing nations. Talking about Food Waste: $1 Trillion in economic loss for food that is wasted; as well as 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions; this is a problem that many people are working to find creative solutions to close the gap and reduce food waste.

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