Monday Mojo for February – Possibilities are endless!

Our Keywords this week are Possibilities….Belief…and Wisdom Possibilities Possibilities and the infinite potential we all have are some of the most exciting features of the human condition. Here we are in Tampa Bay, thinking of the small acorn of human possibility that was unleashed in the past year for our sports teams to each reach the pinnacle of success in their separate leagues. The Hockey team won the Stanley Cup, the baseball team played in the World Series and the football team has just won the Super Bowl! None of that was deemed a possibility, and yet it all came true. For those who believe in themselves, anything is possible in God’s world! Belief When we find that winning spirit, and perhaps another comparison with the football team is important here-anything can happen. But if we don’t believe that we can win, that we are not worthy, and if other people have laughed and scoffed, then we can begin to ‘buy in’ to the notion that we can’t do it. Henry Ford had a saying: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t-you’re right” It’s a great way to let us know that “the power of positive thinking’ is something that is a tangible source of motivation within us. If we believe that God has gifted us with a spirit that can look at seemingly impossible tasks and then given us the spirit and the impetus to try, then we can move mountains! Wisdom We thought last week in our Mantra about the Serenity Prayer, the famous prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr which implores us to work through God and find strength and courage, but above all, wisdom! The wisdom to know what we can and cannot change is one of the keys to success in life. And at times, we must taste failure in order to know the path to success! If we can seek a new way of looking at things, through a pair of fresh eyes, or by stepping away from an old problem that seems unsolvable, then we can find inspiration and wisdom. Looking at a problem or challenge from a different angle, seeking a different viewpoint, and also looking within us to meet the challenge with belief and conviction, we can find the wisdom to do marvelous things. The possibilities are endless, the belief comes from within, and our wisdom is always that which we seek from a higher power. And with that combination, we know that anything is possible! Mantra This week, I will be energized each day with possibilities that I see for my own life and for ways to help others. I will repeat the mantra: Remember Henry Ford’s advice-I’m right because I KNOW I CAN!” And finally, I will ask for wisdom from a higher power. Looking within me, using prayer and meditation as my guide, I will seek answers and create new goals with a sense of newfound wisdom and confidence that comes from within. With God, all things are possible- Mark 10:27

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