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Five March Favorites from 6 Degrees!

  The Ides of March are almost upon us! And instead of being wary, we are anticipating the need to celebrate with a month that is packed full of different events and celebrations that give us all a good excuse to experience fun and happiness! We are celebrating Women’s History Month all month long here at 6 Degrees…& that starts with the Flipboard magazine: “A Century of Women’ where we have learned so much about the very impressive lineup of females who have made a difference in the past and continue to work every day to improve our lives! Hug your Dog Day is a shoo-in for those of us who don’t need an excuse to love our furry best friends…And we see reminders for ways to be kinder to each other with the National Good Samaritan Day and the International Day of Happiness! St Patrick’s Day is always a good time to celebrate as an honorary Irishman or woman…Finally, Easter rounds out the month. It’s coming early this year and with it comes the idea of Spring and all the wonderful things that it entails! Happy March to all my Friends from 6 Degrees!   Here’s some Favorites for March:   Number One: Women’s History Month all month long! International Women’s Day is Friday, March 8th. And we have been celebrating women at “A Century of Women’ and discovering each month the vast array of women who have contributed -sometimes in the background-to some of the most significant historical events in history! For example, the “Hidden Figures’ film tells the story of the group of African-American women who worked tirelessly to give us the mathematical figures that helped America land on the moon! And if not for singer Mahalia Jackson reminding Martin Luther King to “Tell them about the Dream, Martin!” we may not have been given one of the most famous quotations in history!   Number Two is a Tie! Sunday March 10th is “Hug Your Dog” Day! This is always an easy one for those of us who just can’t get enough of our best friends! And we have an online site “My Dog Journal” on Facebook, as well as “Doggie in the Window’ on Flipboard, to fill us in on the latest news for the health and well-being of our beloved pets!   Number Two: Oscars Night on Sunday, March 10th! 6 Degrees of Film is celebrating our “10 Years of 6 Degrees’ with an “Oscar News’ Newsletter that helps to make sense of the different categories and nominees for 2024. 6 Degrees of Film is also the name of our online magazine and the monthly newsletter…We are inviting all of our Film Fans to join us each month!   Number Three is “Good Samaritan” Day on Wednesday, March 13th   For all of the different articles being written about how ‘polarized’ we are, there is an equal number of stories that tell of people who reach out to give back and help others every day. So that is why it’s important for us to have reminders that the “Good Samaritan’ Parable is not just a nice story. We can all use more kindness every day of our lives!   Number Four is St Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17th!   St. Patrick’s Day is a day of celebration and laughter and joy. There are parades and events for all those who are Irish and those who are simply “Honorary Irish” for the day!   Number Five is Wednesday, March 20th: International Day of Happiness! We can all use a message of love and happiness. Easter is just around the corner, and it comes early this month with another message of forgiveness and redemption and salvation. So to keep us grounded and focused on those things that are important in our lives, it’s a good time to celebrate the notion of what is embedded in our own Constitution: The lifelong ‘Pursuit of Happiness!” Join us at The Growing Group each week to learn more about ways to keep that pursuit grounded in reality and focused on what works best for you… Here’s a few 6 Degrees Posts you might have missed!   *On Mind/Body Wellness… *Growing Group Round-Up *Five Favorites for February!

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Five Favorite Things for March!

The month of March is filled with fun and happiness. 6 Degrees website is celebrating all month long with ways to “Find your Laughing Place.”  Our Irish heritage is able to sync with the fun and spirit of Mardi Gras as we begin the month on Fat Tuesday, March 1st this year! We will continue the party with friends & family who have always loved celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. This year, the fun begins on Wednesday, March 16th (My Mom’s birthday!)….and we continue the celebration on Thursday, March 17th the “official’ St. Patrick’s Day Holiday!. Here are the dates and some more of our favorite things in March to count down the many ways to find your own personal laughing place! Number One: Mardi Gras! Tuesday, March 1st begins the month right with Mardi Gras! Celebrating the spirit and energy that is unleashed each year in the city of New Orleans, we will be following along on Facebook, so join us at 6 Degrees Writer…And remember to sign up for our Lent series each Sunday: Spiritual Signs of Spring. Number Two: Hug your Dog Day  Hug your Dog Day is Thursday, March 10th. And of course, we hug our special pooches every day we can! This is an exciting new page and special Facebook page for 6 Degrees also. We will feature the downloadable Memorial Journal, for those of us who remember and never forget our friends who crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  And along with our monthly magazine, “Doggie in the Window,” our new products page will also have a special place for mugs & T-shirts & Totes that our personalized with pictures of your favorite Fido! After all, our dogs are always the gateways to find our true laughing place!   Number Three: Let’s Laugh! National Let’s Laugh Day is Saturday, March 19th. I don’t know about you, but some of the best things in life for me are those moments when I can laugh with friends and think of the good times we’ve shared.   The International Day of Happiness is also celebrated that day! So let’s remember to laugh and celebrate…and join us on Facebook and Social Media as we are looking for stories about some of the funniest women you know in your life (I have some doozies!). Of course there are funny men and women…but we are honoring women this month with National Women’s Month too!   Number Four: Mindfulness comes with World Water Day World Water Day is Tuesday, March 22nd. Brown Bag Organics will be launching our special page dedicated to celebrating our abundance of water. One of our many blessings living in a country with so many abundant things is our land, with water as a precious commodity to be shared and conserved!   Number Five: The Oscars are here! Sunday March 27th It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year for those of us who celebrate film and love all the trappings that go with the Oscar Presentation! At 6 Degrees of Film, it’s hard to believe our book is nine years old this year! And the blog posts we present monthly of film round-ups, plus our weekly Facebook posts and the E-book of “The 100” are all a part of the ongoing celebration of film! Check out our new products pages where you can order special T-shirts, mugs & totes with 6 Degrees of Film logos as well as those featuring some of your favorite movie posters and stars from the past! And don’t forget to sign up for the latest in film right here… I am remembering that old poem that goes something like, “The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.” (Robert Louis Stevenson) And though we all face trials and tribulations in our lives, there are some moments that need to be carved out to celebrate and enjoy and simply have fun and laugh! Here is hoping that March brings many such days to your doorstep, friends, and that you will look for more ways to find your “laughing place!”   “Part with self-conceit, for it is impossible for anyone to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows”– Epictetus

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