Monday Muse: The Keys to the Kingdom leads us to Magical Thinking

Keys to the Kingdom There is a concept in Unity Church teachings that speaks of the Golden Key. The founder, Charles Fillmore, used this phrase often in terms of unlocking the spiritual being that is our nature to let go and let God be a part of our inner life and soul. And we have always been familiar with the phrase, “The keys to the Kingdom.” In past times of despair, I recall those who have thrown up their hands and said “It’s as if they’ve been given the keys to the Kingdom!” One of my favorite lines to tease my mother is tell her: “The world is your oyster!” But both these phrases have deeper connotations when we lay out the foundation of the thoughts behind them. If we do seek spiritual peace, and self-worth, and work to grow and to help others, we are all on a quest for the elusive keys to the kingdom! It is something that we are given as spiritual beings to understand. Some search for Nirvana or heaven on earth, but most of us dwell on thoughts of a golden pot and magical place that dwells in another realm. And although no one can know for sure, there is comfort and gladness and hope in our lives when we realize the search for that kingdom can begin and end with us. Within our own lives, we have the power to realize that joy and that place that is made possible by our faith and our beliefs. We are all on the hunt for the keys to the kingdom! Conviction Charles Fillmore wrote in The Revealing Word that “We should affirm with Conviction those mighty words of Jesus: “All authority hath been given unto me in heaven and on earth.”-Matthew 28:18. He’s telling us that it’s not enough only to affirm the words of Jesus. We need to be positive in our conviction and our beliefs. When we speak with passion and with conviction, on a subject that motivates us, and it is one that we truly believe in, we can realize our full potential as a growing and spiritual human being. We all know that if you try and do something half-heartedly or dispiritedly, we are not only being false to ourselves, but we are making ourselves unhappy and unwell. When we don’t believe in what we are saying or doing or act in ways that are not in keeping with the focus of our own spiritual needs and growth, the energy saps away and leaves us lifeless. Conviction is a force that we all need to nurture in our own mindsets and in our actions and in our deeds. When we sit and contemplate those things that really matter to us, our convictions and our plans going forward come into sharper focus. Magical Thinking As a writer, I am very fond of the term: Magical thinking.  It speaks of the non-reality that is at the heart of all the good stories that we have heard in our lives. And we all know of those who don’t live in reality or see things only in terms of ‘magical thinking.’ Indeed, the writer who coined this phrase called herself out for spending a year of magical thinking in denial of the illness of her beloved husband. And when we indulge in magical thinking, it has always been seen to be a negative. And yet, there are children and young people, guilty of magical thinking, who aspire to great things. We shouldn’t simply dismiss all dreams as products of magical thinking. There is hard work and sometimes luck that is involved in successful endeavors and projects. But the future is something that many of us see in terms of magical thinking. And when we live with conviction and focus our hearts and our souls on the prize of the keys to the kingdom, we all indulge in magical thinking. I prefer to see it in terms of spiritual thinking, but those who live with a positive mindset are forgiven for looking at life with those rose-colored glasses. Positive planning is quite different from magical thinking, as you do need to lay a foundation in reality. However, reading the words of Rev. Paul Hasselbeck, who spoke of the Golden Key that the Fillmore’s referenced, was able to rationalize the magic and mystique of the magical thinking behind our faiths and beliefs. He said there really is nothing magical or mystical about believing in things like “The Golden Key.” And when we read and listen to the words of Jesus, ..”we form a thought colony around those words and they grow in consciousness.’ The idea of the Growing Group is to grow in spiritual faith and belief, so this is a perfect way to understand why spiritual growth is so vital in our lives. For myself, I look forward to years of faith and growth in my spiritual and magical thinking!                              All authority hath been given unto me in heaven and on Earth- Matthew 28:18 Mantra: I will begin to think in different terms about the phrase, “The keys to the kingdom.” I will speak with conviction about my own beliefs and those things I am most passionate about. And when I do indulge in magical thinking, I will understand it for the dream that it is. And when I indulge in Spiritual Thinking, I will realize the truth of finding the keys to the kingdom within me, as I begin my search starting today with conviction and with faith.

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