The Monday Muse: Your Growing Group Round Up

Here’s some of the latest articles and ideas you can find in our “Growing Group” magazine online. Please visit the site and like us on Facebook: For the Growing Group Round-Up Things to let go to ensure Happiness Happiness Habits to learn Promote your Passions Quick Tips to create a Happier You! Boost your morale when needed! Motivation you need to cultivate This month, we have been focusing on ways to find your ‘inner muse.’ And the Growing Group articles from the magazine all reflect some aspect of nurturing and cultivating that muse we all seek. Searching For Happiness One of our favorite Happiness gurus, Gretchen Rubin, has a book and a web site that is all about happiness.  She writes about The Happiness Project in her book and on her podcast. The topic of Happiness is a popular one these days. It seems there are many out there who offer formulas and ingredients that will lead to happiness. It’s natural that we want to find happiness, but in doing so,  there are so many ways to achieve that elusive goal, that we need to pause and ask what we want and need in our own lives. Because as we know, we are all so different in our goals and our talents, the things that bring happiness to some may not be the solution in our own lives. However, there is a new way of finding peace and contentment in our lives that gives us an edge. The authority that comes with scientific research has begun to develop and explore ways to guide us in our pursuit of happiness. There are several good books out there that are recommended in The Growing Group this month. One is, “The Happiness Advantage,”  which will help give you an edge in everything you do in life! The Mindset that the author mentions in this article is something we spoke of this past week in our exercises. Part of our journey of discover includes developing a stronger mental outlook. The Growth Mindset fits in with our Growing Group mission of developing ways to ‘grow, change & improve as a human being.’   The Science of Happiness The science behind uplifting habits and positive thinking is mapped out by researchers who work on the science of motivation for a living!  In order to set better and more functional goals for ourselves, there is a way to look at progress and monitor our achievements. Managing multiple goals and tasks, resolving conflict and self-control issues, and then looking at ways to bring balance into our lives are all part of the science of motivation. The people who surround us, who support us, and help us grow and thrive are vital elements to achieve success. You will find that when you set goals with a viewpoint of working to achieve things head-on, it is a superior plan rather than seeking out the habits and mindset of avoidance. The Positive Mindset for Success Once you find the positive mindset to help you achieve success, the other vital element is to find ways to chart your progress. So many of our desires and goals are often thwarted when we have setbacks,and we often feel like quitting. Or we may feel that the task before us is an impossible one. But in looking for ways to sustain momentum and motivation, we need to have a positive outlook. And taking baby steps helps us to achieve benchmarks to monitor our progress. Then we’ll know (& celebrate)  how far we’ve come! Some Growing Group Ideas:  When you need Motivation But as we are all human, we can often find ourselves feeling helpless or down about life. When we do find ourselves plagued with self-doubt, here are some of the ideas listed that can be quite helpful: When things go sideways, think of the Big Picture. If the Universe has a plan for you, then no decision is ‘right or wrong’ but instead, a choice that may take you down a different path! Think of the Mantra of “Pain is Inevitable sometimes….But Suffering is always Optional” The Growing Group reminds us that we are all part of a bigger picture. If we don’t maintain the status quo, but instead look to make connections, to find inspiration and look for your true calling, and things to satisfy your soul, then you will have to take chances. There is some things that are harder than others to achieve, but if we are to move forward, we must grow as humans and spiritual creatures. You are the one who must make a conscious decision to move forward in your own life! Even when it gets harder, and we are feeling down or have disappointments, we can develop that mindset that helps us achieve success and growth in our lives. Fighting one battle at a time is essential. Learning that the other battles that constantly shadow us and fill our heads are the ones we fought yesterday and the ones we will fight tomorrow. Regrets and resentments of yesterday’s past, mixed with the fear and dread of the shadows of the future can overwhelm and paralyze the best of us. Keep the mantra in mind of the Serenity Prayer. The wisdom to know the difference is all about knowing what we can and cannot change. What we can control, we can change. Everything else is made for the Serenity Mantra- Grant me wisdom to know the difference! Don’t tally up all your mistakes and failures of the past. Think of the things you have done and achieved where others have not dared to even try! Mistakes are something you need to let go. If you have a journal, write a mistake page. Then for each mistake, you must write something that you learned from a past mistake or a reason the mistake occurred. Finally, tear out the page and then light a match or throw it out! Letting go of past mistakes is the only way to

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