Your Monday Muse: Finding the time & Meeting Expectations

Finding Time I find there is never enough time in the day to do all the things that we want to do…Remember the old Twilight Zone where the man longs for the time to just read all the books he wants? And then his glasses break and he cannot do what he really wants to do! But in real life, it’s not broken glasses but a path of broken promises that we make to ourselves that leads us down a path of dissatisfaction and delay. We realize there will never be a ‘good time’ to start to follow our dreams or accomplish or goals. We have to make the time and to start making time for the priorities we have in life. There is a divine order to the universe, we are told. So when we know that there are spiritual goals in our life as well as personal ones, then it gives us strength to carry on with the things we need to do to follow our dreams. Vigor If you are like me, you are wishing for more energy each day! And if your schedule is interrupted by a change of seasons or a big project that is on deadline, it is even more draining. We need to come to a place in our mind and our thoughts that will fill our spirit and to renew our source of energy from within. A “tap’ if you will, like a pub tap for beer, where we can simply refresh our minds and bodies. There is a description in “The Daily Word” of someone who feels the presence of God and is enervated and energized. The point of prayer and meditation is to find a time and place to center yourself, and your restless thoughts and chaotic schedule, and become grounded in your own quiet place. To find that peace each day is difficult. And all people have different levels of energy to draw from that, as Psalm 23 tells us it will “restoreth our souls.” We need to find that point of rescue in our lives each day, to draw from the tap and find that peaceful place to give us the vigor and the energy we need to fulfill our goals. Expectation Remember that song by Carly Simon called, “Anticipation?” It was a good feeling to put into words and song that lightness of spirit we feel when we anticipate something good. Our expectations, as we are often told, may be too high and we can then have a sinking or a let-down feeling when we realize that our reality may not match our expectations in life. If we have faith in the spirit, then we understand that our lives are unfolding within the arc of our spiritual universe. And we can always find the expectation for positive things in our life when we see that we have a partner in God. We can become cautious and plan only for the worst to occur in our lives, and always live in that safe space. Or instead, we can make plans for the best of outcomes and we can then plan to see them unfold. But there is no outcome of the possible if we cannot imagine it in our lives. If we give ourselves over to the expectation that we will succeed, we can match that with our vigor and positive planning to match the expectations with a new sense of purpose. Let your expectations meet with reality when you partner with God. I can do all things through him who strengthens me- Phillipians 4:13 Mantra: I will make a plan to find the time each day to carve out the space I need to plan my positive outcomes for the future. Each day I will make point of finding time, and restoring my energy to give me vigor and lightness of heart when I make my positive plans for the future. Finally, I will think of the expectations I have had in the past and make plans to partner with God for positive outcomes for my future.

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