The Growing Group: Realizing your Vision

In realizing your vision, you should first establish what your vision is and what it is not. It is not a dream or simply a goal, but a concept in which you imagine and then form a vision of your goals. Once you have a clear and defined vision, you can then set your goals and create a concrete example of that image to help you realize just exactly what you are striving for.   Your Vision Explored … Your next step is to sit down and to work out on paper, or by using a journal or sketch pad, just exactly what your vision entails. As it unfolds, this is one purpose for the Vision Board or Vision Book that many people utilize in order to begin to map out just what their vision is and what the future may look like as your dreams are realized.   Visioning Steps It may be helpful at this stage to include a list of things you do not want to become a part of your final vision. In your planning stages and in your ideal scenario, it will be helpful to have this list and to focus on those things which will help you to create a targeted plan, and those things which are not going to further your goals.   It is vital to be completely honest with yourself as you are working to realize your vision and map out your goals. You should determine your strengths and use them to present yourself in the best possible light. If you are interviewing for a job, or are simply meeting someone new, you will always want to be honest, but also to emphasize those things that are positive strengths that you possess.   Some tools that are most helpful in this planning phase will be   Vision Book: A Book and/or Vision Board are important to begin Journal/ Self Esteem Journal: This will prove to be an invaluable tool Planner: It is vital to stay organized and focused with a planner…   Realizing your vision When you have created a specific plan and mapped out targeted goals, it is time to work on the next phase.  That will involve creating a series of action steps that can help you to make your vision become a reality. Here are the tools you will need to begin:   The Vision Book: Download the book to use as your starting point… Our Journal: Keeping a journal; online or on paper, will prove to be necessary steps in your journey A Mini Planner: Download the planner to begin keeping track…

The Growing Group: Realizing your Vision