Five Favorite Things for August

It’s always hard to believe how fast the months in the year go by. The time always seems to just fly by at breakneck speed in the summer…and during the Holiday Season (I know that is a dreaded phrase to hear as it fast approaches!!) I have had lots of projects planned and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all done! The month of August is offering up so many exciting opportunities for those of us who love books, and dogs, and new beginnings! 6 Degrees is offering some different ways to explore and discover new things as we enjoy the last full month of summer. And we are starting to look forward to the things that are just around the corner in the Fall! Here’s hoping all have been enjoying a slower pace, spending time with friends and family, and taking some time to unwind and to just sit and breathe. Sometimes ‘stay-cations’ are the best ones to plan!   Number One: August 7th: National Friendship Day The special relationship that we have with those who have been our friends for years, and with those who are special friends tied to us through bonds of church or school or family are the ones we need to celebrate. The old adage: “Make new friends, keep the old, One is silver while the other is gold” is more than just a sentimental saying. It is true that we need to nourish and to strengthen the bonds with our friends through the years. If you haven’t called or written or been in touch with a good friend or friends you think of often-today is a good day to do it! (Number Two is a Tie!) National Book Lovers Day; Tues Aug 9th  This month, we are starting off the month right with a celebration of books and those who love to read them!  We are celebrating some of the books that are on sale at Amazon, and at Goodreads and Bookbub. Our magazine, 6 Degrees Writer Favorites, will guide you to the best-selling books of the season and the ones people are reading in the year of our Lord, 2022! (Of course, we have a link to the 6 Degrees SHOP page too😊) *Number Two: National Spoil Your Dog Day: Wed Aug 10 * We declared a tie here as this is Dog Appreciation MONTH as well as National Dog Day later in August!  If anyone knows me, they will do a double take because every day is Spoil your Dog Day here at 6 Degrees! I have enjoyed the “Doggie in the Window” magazine and expanding the pages to My Dog Journal as well as the Facebook page online. There are so many good tips about ways to care for your puppy or your senior dog to keep them in optimum health. But mainly, I love to read the stories of those who love their dogs and the rescue dogs who were once sad and lonely and the pictures and videos of the dogs romping and playing and loving and enjoying life are the most heart-warming for those of us who are such suckers for dogs who need rescuing and those of us who know they also rescue US! Number Three: National Vinyl Record Day is Friday, August 12 This is one that is part of the nostalgia bandwagon that we Americans love! There has been a revival of Vinyl Records and those who love the sound and quality they bring to music will appreciate this day…I had a friend with a room full of equipment that is just itching for this kind of a music revival, I’m sure! My collection includes some vintage Buddy Holly Recordings and my Mother has records that go back to Frank Sinatra and Andy Williams…Plus the showtunes that date back to the fifties and sixties. Some of the songs and sounds on these old vinyls are amazing! Number Four: National Dog Day is Friday, August 26 August is National Dog Appreciation month, and we can relate. Not only do we have a Facebook site and a website, we also offer an album for those who have lost their fur friends and would like to download their pictures and memories… The pictures of my Abby shown here are found on a Mug and a Tote as well as T-Shirt! We are offering these items for those who would like to put their favorite pooch on a mug or a tote too! (*Visit our SHOP page for details) Number Five is Women’s Equality Day on Sunday, August 28th For those who are interested in learning more about the history of women’s equality and the state of women globally, we invite you to read “A Century of Women,’ the online magazine that will bring a better understanding of the struggles that women still face and some of the exciting advances all females have made in the past century. And if you would like to raise your voice and be heard, we also offer Totes, Journals and T-shirts with our “ A Century of Women” banner and the slogan: “We are not going back!” Shop our site to order one or more for the special women you know! That’s all folks, for August but the time flies by and we have so many wonderful events and new products that are coming this Fall. Stay tuned and have a wonderful month! And you are invited to check out: Vignettes- The Best of Vignettes & Stories from 6 Degrees 6 Degrees Essays on Facebook Links for My Dog Journal & 6 Degrees Writer Shop Now at 6 Degrees! (ETSY shop for 6 Degrees is Coming Soon!)

Five Favorite Things for August