WOmen’s History Month

Five March Favorites from 6 Degrees!

  The Ides of March are almost upon us! And instead of being wary, we are anticipating the need to celebrate with a month that is packed full of different events and celebrations that give us all a good excuse to experience fun and happiness! We are celebrating Women’s History Month all month long here at 6 Degrees…& that starts with the Flipboard magazine: “A Century of Women’ where we have learned so much about the very impressive lineup of females who have made a difference in the past and continue to work every day to improve our lives! Hug your Dog Day is a shoo-in for those of us who don’t need an excuse to love our furry best friends…And we see reminders for ways to be kinder to each other with the National Good Samaritan Day and the International Day of Happiness! St Patrick’s Day is always a good time to celebrate as an honorary Irishman or woman…Finally, Easter rounds out the month. It’s coming early this year and with it comes the idea of Spring and all the wonderful things that it entails! Happy March to all my Friends from 6 Degrees!   Here’s some Favorites for March:   Number One: Women’s History Month all month long! International Women’s Day is Friday, March 8th. And we have been celebrating women at “A Century of Women’ and discovering each month the vast array of women who have contributed -sometimes in the background-to some of the most significant historical events in history! For example, the “Hidden Figures’ film tells the story of the group of African-American women who worked tirelessly to give us the mathematical figures that helped America land on the moon! And if not for singer Mahalia Jackson reminding Martin Luther King to “Tell them about the Dream, Martin!” we may not have been given one of the most famous quotations in history!   Number Two is a Tie! Sunday March 10th is “Hug Your Dog” Day! This is always an easy one for those of us who just can’t get enough of our best friends! And we have an online site “My Dog Journal” on Facebook, as well as “Doggie in the Window’ on Flipboard, to fill us in on the latest news for the health and well-being of our beloved pets!   Number Two: Oscars Night on Sunday, March 10th! 6 Degrees of Film is celebrating our “10 Years of 6 Degrees’ with an “Oscar News’ Newsletter that helps to make sense of the different categories and nominees for 2024. 6 Degrees of Film is also the name of our online magazine and the monthly newsletter…We are inviting all of our Film Fans to join us each month!   Number Three is “Good Samaritan” Day on Wednesday, March 13th   For all of the different articles being written about how ‘polarized’ we are, there is an equal number of stories that tell of people who reach out to give back and help others every day. So that is why it’s important for us to have reminders that the “Good Samaritan’ Parable is not just a nice story. We can all use more kindness every day of our lives!   Number Four is St Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17th!   St. Patrick’s Day is a day of celebration and laughter and joy. There are parades and events for all those who are Irish and those who are simply “Honorary Irish” for the day!   Number Five is Wednesday, March 20th: International Day of Happiness! We can all use a message of love and happiness. Easter is just around the corner, and it comes early this month with another message of forgiveness and redemption and salvation. So to keep us grounded and focused on those things that are important in our lives, it’s a good time to celebrate the notion of what is embedded in our own Constitution: The lifelong ‘Pursuit of Happiness!” Join us at The Growing Group each week to learn more about ways to keep that pursuit grounded in reality and focused on what works best for you… Here’s a few 6 Degrees Posts you might have missed!   *On Mind/Body Wellness… *Growing Group Round-Up *Five Favorites for February!

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Monday Muse: The Power of Positive Planning in your Life

Power Power is something that is a relative term. Those who are small may hold power in their jobs or in their position and station. Those who have little power in some areas of their life may hold great power in their hands when they control machinery such as cars or airplanes or even control panels for our utilities! So we all have a great deal of power in our lives, if we know how to use it and to control it and to take advantage of our ability to help others. When we can direct the power of our own energy, and in our own lives, outward and in positive ways, there is nothing we cannot do. Positivity Just as we should not wield power simply for the sake of being powerful, our ability to remain positive in our lives shouldn’t be just saying the words or ‘going through the motions.’ We need to express the power of positive thinking, and positive planning, in our lives with our actions and our words and our deeds. When we surround ourselves with other positive people, and find mentors and role models that will help us achieve our goals, then we can not simply express the outward signs of positive thinking such as “You can Do It!” or “Yes We Can”  but we can then make a plan for positive living in our own lives. Positivity can become a habit rather than just a catch phrase. Abundance Remember the series of books by the author Sarah Ban Breathnach called “Simple Abundance?” It gave people, particularly women, insights into the ways we can learn to appreciate our lives in small ways and in everyday pleasures we see. The idea is to become more mindful and let the small pleasures lead you to a happier and more contented and fulfilled life. There is abundance in our natural world, as we take a walk and see nature’s bounty. Particularly in springtime we see the changing season and the flowers blooming and we can take joy in small wonders. All of us are consumed each day with the outside pressures of the world we live in. And as we celebrate Women’s History Month, and an International Day of Women today, we are mindful of the many pressures that women confront in their daily lives. As we are still living in a time of pandemic, and in a stressful world of technology and change, we need to think of creative ways that help us to slow down occasionally.  There are times we need to stop and simply breathe and absorb the simple abundance and elegance of the world our spirit dwells in. Take time to absorb the simple pleasures, to reflect on God’s great bounty, and the ways we can expand our own lives in ways that will lead us to a more content and fulfilling life.   Mantra: This week I will reflect on the power that I have each day and the responsibility that I, and others have to use that power in a positive way. I will plan for positivity in my life, by reflecting on the energy of my own role models and the positive actions that they have taken (and that I have too!) in the past. Finally, I am going to reflect on the abundance that I see in nature around me, and take pleasure in the riches I see that are not found in the modern world, but instead come from Nature and from God’s bounty.   Bible Verse: You crown the year with your bounty, your wagon tracks overflow with richness- Psalm 65:11

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