The Best of Monday Muse

The Growing Group has a mantra to follow each week of the year. Some of them can be used for different times in our life when we experience stress or need to hold onto a brighter vision of our lives to help us when we feel down.

Here are the Mantras that may help you in your life:

For Doubt

I will think of the times I have doubted myself, & the things that I have done to help conquer the doubt & the fears. My Confidence Cues will be with me each step of the way as I begin the journey. And my well-being will become a holistic choice that I seek, through the quiet of meditation & the need for healing & calm to face new challenges each day. “I will lift up mine eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help…” Psalm 121

To Begin the Day

I will awake from sleep with enthusiasm & joy to begin the day. Each challenge I can meet with zeal & a renewed focus on what I want out of life. I will be still & know God & the Holy Spirit that I seek in my life through prayer & meditation & focus. And finally, I will plan for a new awakening to the continued enthusiasm & zest for life that is part of my own awakening.

For Possibilities

I will begin to think in different terms about the phrase “The Keys to the Kingdom.” I will speak with conviction about my own beliefs & those things I am most passionate about. And when I do indulge in magical thinking, I will understand it for the dream that it is. And when I indulge in Spiritual Thinking, I will realize the truth of finding the keys to the kingdom within me, as I begin my search starting today with conviction & with Faith.

For Positive Outlook

I will choose to create a Positive Outlook in my life that will assist me over hurdles & challenges each day. And I will choose to show compassion for myself & for others in my life each day. And finally, I will work to cultivate the inner peace that we have been striving for in The Growing Group. By feeding my soul with a positive outlook, & showing compassion, I am working towards peace in my life & in my lifetime. Love is the key to unlock the door each day.

For Positive Growth

I will wake each day with a new outlook & a clean and loving heart. I will ask for guidance from within & work to become a source of healing & part of the solution in my own life. And I will strive for a burst of vigor to guide me & to energize my life & my goals each day.

My Christmas Mantra: I will give my gifts with a mindful spirit of giving back more than I receive in terms of my own commitment to others. When I do receive gifts, I will be gracious & understanding of the spirit in which gift-giving is meant. I commit myself to understanding my responsibilities and higher obligations to self; & to my own dreams & endeavors. And finally I will be mindful always of the promises I must keep to myself & to others.

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