The Great Clive Owen

A word about the Greatly Talented Clive Owen: Clive Owen is back on the screen this month playing a widower raising two sons in “The Boys are Back.” He has played every character imaginable from a gay concentration camp prisoner in WWII Germany to the mythical King Arthur. His acting style has been compared to Bogart or Peter O’Toole yet his is a much more contemporary and “edgier” style tailored for a New Age. Clive Owen is far more foul-mouthed than Bogart could ever behave onscreen. He has a type of personality running “cool” with a distinct air of Cockney working-class temperament that can run excessively hot when he delivers his lines. When and if they ever put together a Film Noir project for Owen, he may own the part as well as Brando once did in “Streetcar” or Bogart did in “The Big Sleep.”

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