The Growing Group: Have you ever done a Life Audit?


Have you ever done a Life Audit?

Your reasons for doing a life audit may vary. If you’ve never done one, then it can be a good time for self-reflecition in more than one area of your life. You may look at jobs and career growth, at your relationships, at your dreams and goals that you’ve had in the past.

And from there, you can begin to organize and plan and create new goals in your life! If you are planning a career change, or perhaps are thinking of retirement or ‘Act II” in your life, then a Life Audit will benefit you immensely!


 Getting Beyond the Typical Life Audit Questions

One suggestion is this: Go beyond the typical life audit questions. For example, simply looking back and analyzing your strenghts and weaknesses or focusing on one or two episodes in your life. They may not reflect the whole picture of what you intend.  And the audit should be a basis for analysis that moves you forward! It’s not something to tuck away in the drawer simply to be forgotten!

Think of the Reason for doing the Audit!


The REASON for the Audit should be about finding helpful ways to move forward.  All of life should be about moving forward. This is a good way to apply your findings to what you are doing in the here and now!

It’s a way of looking at the past and then gleaning ways to work in the present to make it better! 


 Looking back on past moments- reframing the ‘failures’ phase…


A good idea when beginning to go through and reflect on your past in different areas is to work to reframe your own ideas of what has been deemed as success in your life.But also, examine closely what you have looked at as failures in your life. One of the best things about doing a Life Audit is to be able to sit down and use the past to reframe some of your actions and career goals and finding out that instead of failure, you needed those moments that didn’t work out in one instance in order to find the success you later had in an entirely different field or project! In other words, look for the teachable moments…


 Looking at teachable moments


What you may have seen as failures were perhaps those moments when you learned a valuable lesson the hard way! And when things don’t turn out as planned, we can ofen use those mistakes that are part of life to continue and to persevere and then to succeed in another time and place.

You do not want to clutter up your ideas and goals with pages of wish lists you’ve used in the past. The best way is to sit and to select carefully those things that you have wanted in the past-and the things that you did want and no longer seem to need or have a yearning to own or to do! That will eliminate

Find the best ways to set up your own life audit categories


We recommend keeping it as simple as possible. Personal Growth/ Relationships/ Family/ Travel Goals/ Learning Goals/ are all good basic categories to start. You may then want to reduce it to five areas in your life that you want to reflect on and to grow with in the future

 Looking ahead: Using past events to build Future Success!

Ask yourself this:  What is the purpose when you do write your goals? And after you have been through the past and have had time to reflect on what worked –  what were the most successful outcomes you had? Or could imagine still!

The next thing is to connect the two. Look at your past and  see how you achieved success. Or if you have seen others succeed using a plan of action, take a good look at what worked for others. Are there people that may help you that you may reconnect with? Or is there a successful project that you can rehash or adapt to use as a model for a future goal?

Don’t get hung-up on the “Debbie Downers’of Life!


Look at the things that held you back or may have been obstacles to achieving your goals in the past. And find the connections that will help you to overcome these obstacles in the future. With planning and foresight, when you foresee the hurdles and drawbacks ahead of time, it will help you in achieving success in the future

At the Growing Group, we recommend doing a life audit at least once every year. It doesn’t have to be at the start of the year, but may be when you have time in the summer months. And when you can relax and reflect on what has occurred and the things you would most like to repeat in terms of past success, then you can begin to plan for the successful outcomes that a Life Audit may bring to you!


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