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For The Growing Group, this month we are looking deeper at our own inner wants and needs to find out what it means to grow in strength and wisdom and character. From some of our past experts and research, we have gathered a list of ten things to help us as we continue our journey of growth and self-exploration.

Here is a short list of topics that will help us to better know ourselves!

Number One: Self Realization

Being self-aware concerning who we are is vitally important in our everyday lives and interactions with others. For example, if you know you are not good at public speaking, you shouldn’t be the person representing the group when you prepare a major presentation! If you are better at research, or even excel in smaller group settings, you should work on acknowledging who you are.

Number Two: The Hierarchy of Needs

This is a way psychologists assess our individual wants and needs. In Psychology, some of their jargon can be confusing and isn’t designed to be simple enough for the average person to understand and comprehend….which really defeats the purpose! But, the Hierarchy contains 4 things: 

*Self-Actualization (Who you are!)

*Self-Esteem (How you feel about yourself)

*Love & Belonging (Your place in society)

*Safety & Security (How comfortable are you in your daily life?)

Number Three: List of “My Favorite Things”


This is a personal list to keep on hand and journal your favorite things. You can add to the list periodically. We all remember the Sound of Music where Maria signs about “A few of My Favorite Things!” We can all have a list that gives us a ‘pep in our step’ of favorite things…to go to and to rely on and to help us; like comfort foods-to give us balance; help us heal and be emotionally fresh and rested

Number Four: Keeping a Journal of your “Greatest Hits!”

We have seen “Brag Books’ from Moms & Grandma’s. But if you have a journal, keep a page to list your major accomplishments, You can keep this privately, but still, you need to acknowledge and add to your own list.

Most of us don’t like to talk about ourselves and do essentially a “Brag Book’ which is the type of thing Grandma will carry around with pictures of the grandkids she proudly displays. We need to have to tear down the mental block that prevents us from creating a visual “Brag Book’ for ourselves of our own accomplishments. We know what we are proud of, the things we have done-if they are jobs we had-our children-trips we took-goals we achieved-even things we were proud we could walk away from and realize they were not good ‘fits’ for us! All of these things are part o your own “Brag Book’ of achievements to use as you visualize your own list of accomplishments in life


Number Five: The Rules to use for Personal Growth….

The Rules we have used in past Growing Group exercises include the “Blue Dolphin” rule, the “Milk Carton’ rule and the “Big Bird’ rule! For your own personal list of rules to set up in your journal, here are our suggestions:

*The Blue Dolphin Rule: This is a rule to use when there is an unpleasant situation or experience you are dealing with. Imagining a beautiful picture of something that you love-a Blue Dolphin-or a favorite photo or image-can help you to visualize and to actually work to help you meditate and gravitate out of the hostile atmosphere and back into a pleasant state of mind.

*The Milk Carton Rule: A Rule for living with someone who has difficulty in respecting boundaries or suggestions. If someone has been told to please put the milk back in the fridge as it spoils if left out, and they repeatedly leave it out, then you can find yourself in a full-blown war if the tension builds up! However, solving the problem by buying your own carton, marking it and putting it in your own space will help to reduce the resentment. It’s a way to go around the difficult atmosphere for a short-term solution!

The Big Bird Rule: For those who may look at problems and not find a solution. The actor who played Big Bird would see his character at times from a different perspective with a camera that was facing inward to allow him to see how he performed in costume. So if you can focus the lens to see how you are performing, at work or in relationships, then it can help you to figure out how to move forward and allow a different perspective on your own thoughts and interactions!

Number Six: Know Your Passions

What makes you ‘You!” We have often said the goal of The Growing Group, of doing exercises and examining your life, is to create the “best of all possible You’s!’ That includes knowing what you love, what your passions are in life….all these things that make you special and unique and set you apart. It’s a notion that is from “The Unexamined Life” quote attributed to Socrates:The Unexamined Life is not worth living.’

Number Seven: Embrace Your Strengths

We mentioned earlier that some people may not be good fits for public speaking and extroverted activities. Some are good at research. Others love to crunch numbers, some love to cook and decorate. Others like to travel and exercise and go to concerts! Embrace your strengths and your own unique qualities!

Number Eight: Know Your Capacity for Learning…

This is something that we have seen over and over listed as a vital element in healthy aging, in balanced living and keeping yourself engaged! One of the themes from The Growing Group that we frequently return to is the one that urges everyone to embrace a lifetime of Lifelong Learning!

Number Nine: Know Your Capacity for Love

Strong relationships make us human and interesting and better at communicating effectively. When we have close friends, loving partners and spouses and families, it enhances our life. It gives us a greater capacity to share and show empathy.

Number Ten: Know what makes you Happy

What makes you Happy? The many different ways we have gone through in “The Growing Group’ can help provide us with new insight into the ‘Science of Happiness’ which we will continue to explore each month here and in our magazine at “The Growing Group!”

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