The Growing Group Round-up: Finding Fulfillment in your Life

This month in the Growing Group Round-up, we look at the different ways that the experts and specialists are helping us in our Growing Group journey. And the articles and different suggestions and inspiring quotes are all stepping stones to help us each month.

In recent weeks, we have concentrated on the many different ways to look for happiness. The ways you can define what happiness means to you are important. And that also encompasses fulfillment. The “Bucket list” ideas are just another way of looking at goals you set and dreams you may have in your life.

Fulfillment as part of the Plan

Fulfillment is part of planning and actively looking for your happiness. Being a movie buff, one of the scenes that was most moving for me, in the classic film, “The Sound of Music’ was when the Reverend Mother told Maria that she would have to seek her own happiness and look for her life. She couldn’t hide from it.

That is why the movie has been so inspiring! Fulfillment of your dreams can come in so many forms. Some of the experts have written that fulfillment consists of autonomy, mastery and purpose.

For so many that can mean quite different things. The freedom to do what you would like can be a life-changing experience for those who have left their jobs and retired. Mastery of something you have loved to do, or would like to accomplish, can open up a whole new world for some that may have just begun to master a new hobby,

The Growth Mindset for The Growing Group!

And purpose is the mindset we can embrace in the Growing Group. Because they are speaking of the “Growth Mindset!” It is the fulfillment of dreams, and can also lead to so many bigger things. For example, it could open the door for you as a way to help charities.  Or you may find a cause that will lead you to meet new people who believe passionately in the same things that you do!

These are all part of having a Growth Mindset. And finally finding ways to stop comparing yourself with others and coping with things you cannot control are all part of your quest for fulfillment and having a growth mindset to adhere to in your life.

Moving Forward in your life

Here is a modified list of some of the suggestions that can be building blocks for you in your Growth Mindset. They are all ways to move forward in your life.

  • Think better of yourself-Practice Practice Practice!
  • Embrace the concept of starting over and not Failure!
  • Let go of those thoughts and people who radiate Negative Energy
  • Be mindful of doing your best; Embrace your friend Good Job! Opposite of Perfection Pest!!!
  • Mindfulness and living in the moment are your allies
  • The Little Things mean a lot to someone you can help on a small scale today


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