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6 Weeks/6 Ways to Healthier Self Esteem

There are ways to find out more about ourselves in this ever-changing climate of uncertainty and doubt.  The first step in the journey is to acknowledge the need to “Know Thyself.” We need to know more about ourselves and our own needs.

And that starts with the need for not simply having self-esteem, but finding a way to define what self-esteem really means.  And once defined, striving to have healthier self-esteem. Just as we check on our wellness and stress levels, particularly in the time of pandemic or transition, we also need to think about ways to raise our own expectations for our emotional wellness and self-esteem.

Whole Body Wellness

When we begin to connect mind and body-what is often called ‘whole-body’ wellness, we think about the best ways to begin. Finding ways to record your own emotional levels on a daily or weekly basis is one of the paths that leads you to a more stable emotional level and gives you a base to follow as you work to raise your confidence and self-esteem in the long-term.

There are different factors that lead everyone to seek validation and to look for outside influences that will help them learn and grow. When we begin with any journey we all know the advice of taking ‘one step at a time.’ The actual act of taking the step and beginning to seek ways to raise your emotional quotient- your “EQ”- is one of the most validating and positive steps that leads to healthier self-esteem.

Your Weekly Mantra

Currently, the idea of having a focus, or a weekly “Mantra” has been suggested by some knowledgeable influencers. The idea of a weekly focus statement, or declaration of intent, can benefit you and start you on the right path. The Growing Group offers a Monday Mojo email, where you sign up and then receive not only a mantra for your week, but also guiding words of wisdom and exercises designed to help guide us as individuals who are dealing with any number of challenges in any given week! The purpose is to use this as a starting point and reminder, where all individuals will have varying challenges to cope with, and paths to lead them to successful outcomes.

             Your weekly Mantra

When we begin to look at ways to cope, and to focus with balance and deal with stress in our lives, we will see that there are others who are coping and growing that surround us and encourage us on our individual journeys as we move forward.

Working in harmony with those who are looking for their own guiding beacons of light to help choose the right path forward is a source of relief for many of us. Knowing that there are others out there-just like me!- is one of the best things we can hear that helps us as we face a challenge in our lives.

Making the Decision to Move Forward

When you do make the decision to make changes in your life, the momentum will energize you and tell you to act now.  In the Growing Group program, you’ll learn ways to get started right now with your newfound confidence!

Here’s some ideas to help you get moving:

  • Project Self-Esteem where you live; where you work, at home, and with friends
  • Friendship: You’ll learn ways to nurture friendships, and become your own BFF!
  • Let Go of the past with negative self-talk and debilitating self-doubt
  • Find your “Happy Place”; go regularly to those places in your life
  • Define Success: Find out what it means to you

Once you define what success means for you, decide on the goals in your life that will work for you right now, you will be on the right track to healthy self-esteem and ways to look for that ‘happy place’ in your life where friendships and good things abound!

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