The Guard: A blundering Columbo of Ireland

The Guard –See it if not for any other reason but to experience the quirky comedic pairing of Brendan Gleeson with Don Cheadle. This film lays it on the line in some respects. The type of dialogue that takes this film from average to exceptional is found in Gleeson’s dry, acerbic asides delivered at appropriate intervals to all and sundry. No-one escapes his dissection, not the big-city Irish police force, the Americans, the black race, women, -he’s an equal opportunity offender and it shows.

At times, the writers can’t help interjecting some too-clever asides into the dialogue. For instance, there’s a funny riff about what Billy Jo McCallister threw off the Tallahatchee Bridge that is funny but perhaps a bit forced.

One of the funnier scenes that draws a good picture of Gleeson’s character comes with his refusal to look at Cheadle’s pictures of his new baby. His nonchalant arrogance and indifference to the basic tenets of polite society plus the trail of bad vibes he leaves behind him with each verbal gaffe is priceless. In some weird fashion, he represents a kind of blundering Columbo of Ireland. Definitely this film is one that stands out and is highly recommended viewing.

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