The Heat-Capsule Review

What is this? A comedy without funny lines, a buddy cop without buddies The idea is a good one. The execution of it is not. They looked like they were struggling to come up with a theme for this film in the middle of it. Melissa McCarthy is funny and talented. Her hit sit-com, “Mike & Molly” proves she can deliver funny lines and act with subtlety and sweet pathos. None of that is on display in this lame comedy.

Bullock portrays an uptight, bright FBI agent who is sent to Boston to find the bad guy. McCarthy plays a maverick cop who ends up working with her. It sounds good on paper.

But…it’s not nearly as funny as the previews. It’s downright disappointing. Comedy is a subjective thing, but this one is just not funny. I never thought “Bridesmaids” was funny. Yet I do think McCarthy is better than most of the material she is given. And I’m still waiting.

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