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This is something that is personal for me. I did lose a job I had recently. It was a mutual parting of the ways, but I can relate to those many groups of people who are now without work.  I have mixed feelings about the entire affair, as it was something that I had to do. I resigned and the resignation was not only accepted, but went into effect immediately. But only by e-mail after I finished another hard day at work! So…

These things happen. But when they do, you often reflect back and see what the trajectory of events unfolding actually meant.  These sudden tears in the fabric of the normal routines in your life can be incredibly disruptive, but should also be instructive.

In my case, I kept returning to something my Dad would say again and again: “You’re TOO nice, Mary!…You are too nice to other people and you let them walk all over you at times!” I always dismissed this, as something that only a father could say. But now I realize that there is something to it. Not that I would change my personality, but that he was telling me all the things that I needed to know about myself.

My father was telling me this: You should value your service to others more. You should stand up for yourself and at times, know when you need to make a stand. And above all, you should be able to believe in yourself enough to know your own faults and your strengths, and to work to utilize these strengths and your skill set to the best of your ability. Of course, my Dad didn’t say all of this directly to me. But I know he would agree with it.

Losing a job is painful. Breaking up with someone can be wrenching. But after all the tears and anger, it is best to be able to simply reflect and learn and move forward. In my life, that is what I have learned to do after all these years!

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