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Saying Goodbye to the Dog Days of Summer!

Greetings to all my friends and followers! Saying goodbye to the Dog Days of Summer is never hard! In our house, the dogs welcome each new season. Here are the three amigos together: Emma & Chloe &  little Abby.  If you have pictures of your dogs, please send them to me to post on my magazine “Doggie in the Window”, as I love to hear about your pets-speaking as one dog lover to another…

That’s why I’ve created a contest. We’ll vote to find who’s got the cutest “Doggie in the Window” picture!  The winner gets a basket of goodies from my “The Book of Malti-Poo” site. You’ll win Natural pet products and more if your dog’s picture is chosen!

The cookbook is coming together. I’ve got a rough draft ready to go, and hope to have it done by the end of the month. It’s one “baby” that I’m anxious to introduce to the world.

Speaking of babies, our extended family has just welcomed Baby Noah, my niece’s first baby. Waiting for Noah is one of the things I’ve written about on The Writers Hub. I’m so excited about my new improved site here at the Writers Hub. for someone as “low-tech” as me,the new look, complete with new graphics and layout really makes everything look…well, as if I knew what I was doing!

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Thanks for stopping by…ML

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