The Vampire Movie Craze

Not being a fan myself of the Vampire movie surge that has descended upon the thundering hordes of devotes, I can only speak of the extreme squeals of glee emanating from my niece as she waxes poetic about “Twilight” and anything related thereof. This is not a new phenomena, as I do recall Frank Langella playing Dracula and watching “Dark Shadows” with Vampire Barnabas in decades past.

We all know who Bela Lugosi is and what his signature role was in film. So in the category of “Nothing new under the Sun” comes the Vampire craze of the 21st Century. We have Vampire spin-offs, Vampire TV shows and Vampire novels. There’s even a twist on Jane Austen as she is re-hashed as a Vampire novel in “Pride and Prejudice.”
Hath thou no shame, Vampire-ista’s? Apparently not.

My contention that there is less than 6 degrees of separation in most current film adaptations is born out with this latest fad in Hollywood.

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