Visioning: Create your Goals

Create your Vision through Positive Planning

Positive planning is a process that will help you to create goals. Your goals are all small steps to outline and plan as you become adjusted in your mindset to the thought of major changes. The small changes will help keep your focus on the final vision for your ideal purpose.

You can start with a positive planning agenda. That will entail asking hard questions, seeking facts and information from trusted sources. It is recommended that you find a mentor, someone probably older, but not always, who is well versed in the life you are seeking to create.

Your Planning Guide

Creating a guide is something that is necessary to keep track of the things that you want to do and the vision that you have for the future. Some of the best ways to keep track of these are through templates. Some templates that are recommended are found in our Self-Esteem Planning journal.

Depending on the plan and the focus of your goals, you can begin to track your progress. Planning and organization are vital in this stage of your progress. You are now focused on action steps.

Action Steps

Plans to maintain motivation

There are different ways to achieve consistent motivation. It begins within each of us, but it can be triggered by daily motivational quotes, or from a vision board or journaling or a motivational tool that is helpful.

Motivation is a combination of your dreams, your personal vision, of spiritual and inner strength as well as positive energy. Planning is key, and it’s also recommended to create a mission statement. It doesn’t have to be called a ‘statement,’ but it should consist of your core values and your strengths and the dreams that you have which can be tethered to reality through this statement of values. That is the purpose of planning and of creating practical ways to achieve your personal vision.

Start 2022 with Positive Planning!
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