Visioning: Motivational Maintenance

In this final phase of planning, you will be working to mold and create a real and credible model for your dreams and your goals. This entails more than just planning how you will be able to live your dreams.  In the first section, you were able to put on paper the ideas that you have for a new career or a challenge in your life.  And in the second phase, you focused on concrete ways to plan how that vision might be achieved! And now that you have reached the third phase, you will now look at the most realistic ways to maintain your focus. The idea that your life is going to remain stagnant is an unrealistic vision for any person living in the 21st Century.

As so much of the technology changes, as our opportunities increase for careers and new challenges and skills, we should be able to envision a future that is flexible and can cope with changes in the world around us.

Your Personal Vision

Your core values will be even more important cornerstones to focus on as you stay flexible and yet grounded in the ideals and goals that make up who you are. Your spiritual strengths and your inner strengths that you have identified throughout the visioning process will help guide you when you need to make key decisions that will affect your future.

For example, if you decide that a career move takes you overseas, or  a new path involves more education, then you will realize that the planning you have done may need to involve more time and more resources! Your vision of who you are and where you want to be in five years will help you decide if this is the right path for you. Your checklist of pros & cons can also help you lay out the why’s that will help you decide if this is something that is more than just an idle thought. If it is part of your vision, you must incorporate that new piece into your long-term planning.

The List you need for achieving your Vision

In the past sessions, we have honed in on some of the necessary tools you will need to help you make these decisions. And in the Growing Group Library, you will find everything you need moving forward.

Staying Motivated through Life

One thing that has held up many people in their earnest struggle to plan and to envision their future goals is finding ways to stay motivated. Naturally, life will get you down at times! There are expected setbacks and unexpected hurdles that we all must overcome.

One way to maintain your motivation is to stay connected. The Growing Group is a weekly motivational group that includes new motivational exercises with an uplifting mantra to help guide you each week. Staying connected with a group is a vital component.

Then, a regular review of your goals is something that will keep you on track. As stated, our lives will change and we need to review the direction we are going, the paths we choose, and the outcomes that can be measured on at least a quarterly basis.

We recommend downloading a quarterly checklist that is available as part of the Growing Group when you join us. By regularly reviewing your goals, you can then find what is working and even tweak your own checklist to add new goals and exciting challenges. You will also find exercises that challenge you both mentally and physically when you are looking for a mind/body balance.

Spiritual wellness and having a focus are just part of the goals that you will set for yourself. By having a core that is your center, and is based on your values and beliefs,  is a key metric to help guide you and give you renewed strength to complete your vision.

By maintaining a daily source of energy and eagerly accepting new challenges will be the final steps in realizing your vision. Your vision is nothing more than your own personal set of dreams and goals that are set for you in life. And you are the one that is in charge of the entire project that is your life’s ambitions. It is the most exciting challenge you can find! And you have the inner courage and strength to make your dreams come true.

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