Your Monday Muse: A New Outlook for each new week!

           New Outlooks

Your keywords for this week are New Outlooks, Guidance and Vigor!

A New Outlook brings Focus

A New Outlook on life – that’s the goal to reach as you start each year and begin all new projects or even for starting anew. So instead of planning on a set of resolutions to make just once a year, make a deal with yourself to use affirming mantras and positive planning at least once each week! It will give you a positive way to start the day and then a goal to set for yourself as you go through each day and each week. The divine spirit and the completion of the circle of life is often a point of reflection only at the end of each year. But instead of simply using the tools and then putting them away, it should be something that we are seeking each day of every week.  We simply cannot wait to discover our highest good and intentions. The New Outlook on life is one that we can focus on each day, no matter what has occurred in previous days and weeks.


Giving guidance also means learning to be a healing presence. And it means that we are part of the solution instead of part of a problem. That is all part of Guidance.  We all know the term  “Guidance Counselor.” Well, some are good at giving advice and guidance, and some not so good. I remember one Counselor that gave me motivation in a way that was not really intended to inspire me. This person told me what I couldn’t do and didn’t think I was capable of doing. That alone inspired me and challenged me to succeed!

In truth, I am glad that happened as it did help me. It helped by challenging my own inner resources and gave me the determination to succeed in college and in courses that the counselor wasn’t aware I could master. We are being guided each day by a higher power. Those of us who are tuned in through our prayers, our meditations, and our moments of reflection can often heed the guidance we seek when we ask for direction in our life. We need to remember to keep an open mind and a loving heart as we seek direction and guidance in our lives. There are times when we least expect it, that we hear guidance that shows us the path forward.


There are similar words for vigor that encompass energy and zeal and zest for life. As for me, I am always looking and praying for more energy. We are always inspired and in awe of those who seem to have boundless stores of energy. And there are times, in a creative burst of inspiration, when I have felt stores of energy that come from within. This is the type of motivational energy that can light the fire in your belly and inspire you to keep going no matter the time of day!

This extra burst of energy, the vigor that we all seek, can always come when we look within and learn.  The motivational speaker Zig Ziglar was the one who said something like “My attitude determines my altitude.” In order to find that attitude, and to nurture that creative burst of energy that we seek, we are going to have to look within ourselves.  When we call upon inner strength and resources, perhaps unused or that have long been dormant, to channel the vigor and the excitement that is needed- there is nothing we cannot do.  We find the vigor to take on new challenges and to help guide us through each day


Your Bible Verse:
Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me-Psalm 51:10


 I will wake each day with a new outlook and a clean and loving heart; I will ask for guidance from within and work to become a source of healing and part of the solution in my own life. And I will strive for a burst of vigor to guide me and to energize my life and my goals each day.

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