Your Monday Muse: Affirmations that guide us each day

Affirmations that Guide us

Power words

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God-John 1:1. Those are such powerful words that come from the Bible. And we are comforted but also we are strengthened by the power of words in our life.
As I have gone through the tips and the ideas for Marketing and Messaging the 6 Degrees Writer website, the talk is always of keywords. And keywords are the power words that drive people to buy products and seek out answers and identify brands. The powerful executives of Wall Street and of the Corporate World know the importance and power of words.
Charles Fillmore, the Unity Founder spoke of the throat as being a doorway from formless to the formed worlds that we create with our words. That is why I am going to make a concerted effort to choose the words that create positive channels and a reality that is one of kindness and love in my own life.

The Outward signs of Inward Faith

One of my favorite songs at Christmas is from Judy Collins singing “The Holly and the Ivy.” She has an ‘intro’ to the song speaking of the outward signs of inward grace. When we look to the traditional definition, sacraments and baptism are the usual methods to illustrate the outward signs of inward Grace. But for those of us who have been following the Growing Group, the words that we use in our spiritual journey, such as grace and faith and hope, are ones that can give us a hopeful feeling in our lives.
The outward signs of inward faith are the things we can do to manifest an awakening in our own lives. We spoke of awakening last week, with a feeling of zest and zeal in our lives for the things to come. Faith gives us that hope to believe that all things are possible with God.
Faith carries us through all our days, and through the depths of despair and the peaks of joy in our lives. And it also helps us to move past our battles with our own doubts and fears. The outward signs are things we mentioned such as songs that inspire. Poems and books, movies and art that moves us will help to give us that outward sign that we can use to pursuit our dreams and goals in life.
The prayers and meditations are the outward signs that connect and move us to that inward faith we seek.  We are set to do great things that we could not have dreamed were possible but for faith. And we become stewards to share the outward signs of great and powerful inward faith when we believe.


We have spoken of the keywords that we use for the week. This week we are focused on powerful words that lead us and teach us and guide us. They manifest and convey the outward signs of our inward faith. And the mantras that are sent to the Growing Group also work in tandem with the weekly exercises to help affirm the positive growth and planning that we need each week.
Affirmations are the words and also the ideas that we use as illustrations of our inward faith. When we speak with conviction, with clarity of purpose and with positive expectations, then we are the channels of faith that will help others as well as ourselves.
When we have friends, family, beloved children and partners that need encouragement, we have spoken with affirmative beliefs and faith. Those moments where we become the life coaches for others give us the power and confidence to become better people!
We should all aspire to live a life that is empowered with confidence and optimism. That doesn’t mean that we will become Pollyanna’s of cheer. But when there is need for energy and understanding, then we are ready with affirmations and powerful words that are needed to convey those outward signs of inward faith.
 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen-Hebrews 11:1

Mantra: This week I will become aware of the power of the spoken word. In my own life, I will use words with care to inspire myself and others. And with affirmations, I can also hope to begin to be the one who conveys the outward signs of inward faith and strength for others.
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