Your Monday Muse: Amazing Grace & Learning to Cope

Finding Grace

Finding Grace

From Life Coach/ Christ Coach:

The idea of Grace is one that has become synonymous, in my mind, with the beautiful and much loved hymn: Amazing Grace. Grace is amazing, and beautiful and astounding in that we are forgiven our sins with grace. However, on this Earth, the amazing fabric of God’s grace is ripped apart in our own minds when we cannot even learn to forgive ourselves or others.

Our coach will tell us to look first in the mirror, and then apply that sweet sound of amazing grace  in our own lives, not as a hymn but as a daily mantra. If we are to be the wretches and own up to that fact, then we need to realize that the bell tolls for us. We are the ones in need of grace.

Finding Grace means not losing touch with God and realizing the simplicity of the act of Grace.

It’s the act of salvation that comes through for us, for each individual who feels their own shame and sadness and the weight of the world. His Grace is there for us to know. It’s trite to use the word “Amazing” without knowing the context of why we are amazed. We should be amazed at the prospect of forgiveness through His Grace. And the lightening of the burden should make us feel awe struck and full of awe….not in the overly used word: Awesome!


From Life Coach/ Christ Coach: On coping with the hustle and bustle…

Christ as our coach, in the rat race, the hustle and bustle, overcame it by overthrowing the tables in the temple

Let’s first recognize the trials and tribulations of our lives as we live in today’s world as no different than the ones we experienced as humans for thousands of years. In coping with the ups and downs of life, many have had to endure hardships and war, poverty and want, hunger and neglect.

Others had to face the harsh reality of living life in earlier times, where there was no guarantee of safety or security. David faced Goliath, and Daniel was in the Lion’s den. In the words of Dr. CH Parkhurst, “one would not think that a lion was a special blessing from God, one would think that only an occasion of alarm. The lion was God’s opportunity in disguise

  As with Parkhurst, we agree that every difficult situation facing you can also be seen as God’s opportunity in disguise. Recognize the open windows that let in light if you find a door closed to you. “May God open our eyes to see him, whether in temptations, trials, dangers or misfortunes.”


From the book: Life Coach/ Christ Coach

We need to know bravery for what it is….and in the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, one of the stories that is a teachable moment for the curious child, Scout, comes when the cantankerous old woman ,Mrs. Dubose, is seen as something other than just a crabby little old lady. She is a hero in some circles, as she was a victim of disease that gave her great pain, and she elected to go out of this world without the addiction of morphine.

There are those who may find the story foolishly misguided, but the point to be made is that there are different types of bravery, found outside of traditional battlefields and without those who bear arms. What defines a man or woman’s bravery? In the tale of Lord Jim, a novel by Joseph Conrad, we hear of a man who was condemned for abandoning his ship, the Patna, and leaving a group of innocent people to die. And yet, the man later exhibits great bravery when faced with his own impending death. As a heroic and decorated soldier muses at one point, there are some places within one’s own lifetime where a man can act bravely, and in other instances, be seen as a coward. It is a matter of how one chooses to look at bravery.

Our Bible verse is especially tailored for those who are also followers of strong female role models. In the Bible, Esther was one of those women. And another verse about courage that comes from within is from one of the most famous rock groups of all times.  The wonderful Beatles quote is wrapped with allusions of  the bravery and courage that we need in our lives. In “Hey Jude”, the singer Paul says “The movement you need is on your shoulders!”

Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created-Esther 4:14

  Mantra: This week I will be mindful of the awe-inspiring power of Grace in my own life. That means I will have grace and forgiveness for myself as well as others. I will recognize the different ways that people cope with their problems, and remember that others have dealt with more serious challenges in their lives for hundreds of years. That means grace (giving people a break for not coping well!)…as well as looking at challenges as opportunities when a door is closed to you. Finally, I will think of the times I needed to be brave and find courage. And to realize that courage is not something that is ‘one size fits all’ and it can come in    many shapes and forms in my life.

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